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Posted: Nov. 16 2005,04:17 QUOTE

Ah, great! That does the job! :D
I use DSL from a USB-stick, and it works great. I now have put the lines from cbagger01 in a script on the stick, together with the modules_cut.tar.gz file to quickly add sata-support (a.o).
Thanks for the quick and accurate answer!
Keep up the good work...
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Posted: Nov. 16 2005,04:46 QUOTE

Found an even better we (i.m.h.o.): put the script and the modules_cut.tar.gz file in /home/dsl. That way I don't have to cd to /cdrom each time to get sata-support.
I realize that this won't work on a CD... ???
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dare2dreamer Offline

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Posted: Nov. 16 2005,08:12 QUOTE

I was reading over the thread on SATA drive support, and it got me thinking. It's a fairly safe assumption that any machine with SATA drives is probably of a fairly recent vintage overall, in terms of memory, cpu, etc.

Because there's a bit of slack in a system of that size, wouldn't it make sense to simply make a SATA-support.dsl that has all the needed modules in it? The compiled modules, plus a few scripts to sort out what to load/config, and just about any SATA device would be up and running as fast as you can say "chubby penguin."

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TotalImmortal Offline

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Posted: Nov. 16 2005,12:18 QUOTE

Hi, I believe I have a bug... I have 2 thinkpad laptops (a 600e and a 380z) which both work fine  (once i fix the usual sound probs) with DSL up to and including 1.5...
The newer laptop (600e) is runnng from HDD and the older is via a frugal CF card.. both run fine with DSL2.0rc1 and rc2 until you tell them to shut down at which point X apears to quit and a blank blue screen (earily reminisiant of the BSOD) appears.. the HDD activity light flickers occasionaly and the PCMCIA network card keeps working and thats that, nothing makes it respond short of a hard reset which often knackers up the FS... not much of a prob with frugal but definatly a serious issue for the HD install..
it happens every time on both machines so i would say it is reproducable and worthy of being called a bug..

anyone got any advice/want any more infomation?

Other than that like the changes in the 2.0rcs' tho i doubt i'll use JWM much (i like fluxbox)
Thanks for the great distro..
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Posted: Nov. 16 2005,13:31 QUOTE

OKay it does not boot on:

MSI K8N Neo2
nForce3 (With a realtek internet driver and AC97 audio)
512 Ram
AMD Athlon 64 3500+
If you ran in safe mode on the 1.5 version it would boot but in 2.0RC2 it does not  :(
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