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doobit Offline

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Posted: Feb. 10 2006,00:26 QUOTE

Anyone have a torrent for 2.2b ?

"Help stop internet piracy...use Linux!"
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FRANZ Offline

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Posted: Feb. 10 2006,14:20 QUOTE

Is it possible add SiS "evil" hd controller on 2.3 ? :)
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Posted: Feb. 12 2006,08:42 QUOTE

We need support for silicon breasts!!!
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andrewb Offline

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Posted: Feb. 12 2006,22:51 QUOTE


Two features/bugs to report:

1.  ALT+Left Click+Drag doesn't work in JWM to move a window by clicking on any point in the window. This is a vital facility with smaller laptop displays (e.g. Toshiba Libretto - 480 vertical lines). Another vote against including JWM if this is not trivial to fix. Though it uses marginally less resources than Fluxbox, it is useless when the windows can't be moved to see/access buttons (the Find applet in R2.x is a prime example of an applet made useless under JWM because of this - both the application bar & the buttons are off the visible area of a Libretto screen).

2. Dmix: Great applet, BUT.... for systems such as the Toshiba Libretto that use 2 mixers (/dev/mixer & /dev/mixer1) to control all of the sound system, some of the controls don't work. For my Libretto 100CT the main volume, bass & treble are mapped through /dev/mixer1. For Umix to control these it needs to specify the device to use (e.g. 'umix -d /dev/mixer1 vol 50' to change the master volume). With the 'old' wmix control it was relatively simple to start a second wmix dockapp to control the 2nd mixer channel, but with Dmix/umix this doesn't seem so easy. Looking at the script for Dmix I suspect a note needs to be made of which mixer channel the different audio features are linked to & issue the necessary '-d' directive for umix when devices not on the first channel are to be changed (umix appears to default to the first /dev/mixer if none is specified).

The /tmp/.umix file (output of umix -q) lists all the audio devices with two lines listing the mixers used, one at the top of the file & one further down the file. The audio devices below the 2nd mixer line are accessed through the 2nd mixer.e.g. mine from memory looks like:

MS Sound System (Crystal CS8xxx) /dev/mixer
pcm  50:50 Stereo
cd    30:30 Stereo
mic   20:20 Recordable
mixer  30:30 Recordable
Yamaha OPL3SA-3 /dev/mixer1
vol  20:20
bass  0:0
treble  100:100

The vol, bass & treble are controlled by 'umix -d /dev/mixer1 bass 34:34' type commands. I've tried starting Dmix from Aterm & watching the output there as I change things. Attempting to change the vol, bass, or treble gives an error saying the channel cannot be found. The can be adjusted only using the CLI.

If I can find the time & an easy guide to the scripting language I'm willing to have a go at altering the Dmix script to cope with this - would be a good learning excercise. If anyone can see another way round this please let me know.

I'll post my /tmp/.umix when I can.

EDIT: 15/02/06 - Here is the .umixrc file:

MS Sound System (CS4231)::/dev/mixer::OSS
synth       32: 32 Stereo
pcm         50: 50 Stereo
speaker     21: 21 Mono  
line        21: 21 Stereo Recordable
mic         16: 16 Stereo Record Source
cd          32: 32 Stereo Recordable
mix          0:  0 Mono   Recordable
igain       75: 75 Stereo
Yamaha OPL3-SA3::/dev/mixer1::OSS
vol         50: 50 Stereo
bass         0:  0 Stereo
treble       0:  0 Stereo
mic         50: 50 Mono  
dig1         0:  0 Stereo

Looking at the source code for umix it might be better to recompile that to always use the correct mixer. This would make the mute button, for one, on the DMIX panel easier to implement in situations where more than one mixer device is present.

Recompilation could also remove the default of trying to run then ncurses interface whenever the '-d' option is used - this may be the source of the many errors noted by another forum member in the multimedia topic.[B][/B]
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ubl Offline

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Posted: Feb. 15 2006,00:22 QUOTE

Thanks, this looks like the same problem I"m having with live recording on my machine.

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