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roberts Offline

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Posted: Dec. 31 2007,01:23 QUOTE

Quote (^thehatsrule^ @ Dec. 30 2007,16:53)
and I'd like to see fewer changes like:
"* Updated firefox default preferences to use SansSerif font."
Why not? The reason might not be apparent... (see below)

I'd also like to see more detailed explanation for changes like:
"New mtpaint replaces xpaint."
curaga already pointed out where to find the reason, but typically there are thread(s) about certain changes.

I suppose it could be better if an explicit reason was given for a change though (detailed changelog perhaps?)...

This is not a commercial distribtuion. There are not hundreds of programmers. There is really only one.

Change log change? Why now? Read the Notes section of the website. I don't belive much has changed in content or style since I took over the developement including the change log at about v0.5. If anything it is more detailed than the very early releases prior to 0.5.

I didn't want to be dragged into answering this guy complaints.
He complains about lack of new base programs, but then when there is one, he still complains. Please show me all the new developement in gtk1, fltk, or other light base widget set. I think we have an entire community on the look out for such. That is how mtpaint was suggested. I thank the community for their involvement, efforts, and sharing.

Implementing drag-n-drop not only in DSL core, but the dynamic MyDSL extension system, and remain compatible with the prior application launcher system of v2.0's xtdesk, can hardly be described as simple as the addition of a wallpaper. I find his remarks very insulting.

Selectively reading the Change log or Notes section to complain is hardly worth my time to respond.

If one finds a bug, report it. I have always stood by to fix, repair, and improve the system.

I would suggest to anyone to go back and re-read the Notes section.

For some, I do not work hard or fast enough, for others I move the devlopement too quickly.

You can never please everyone and I am not trying too.

When you devote your time to a free project, it had better be damn interesting to you, otherwise you are a fool to be damned for your efforts.

-- Robert
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blip Offline

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Posted: Dec. 31 2007,02:21 QUOTE

I was afraid of reading the responses to this post!  
It's amazing the way Robert finds the time to update DSL and respond to all the comments people make...he is very can't please  everyone like he says....

Implementing a drag and drop feature into the OS is a massive step forward ( especially for those people who were not used to using a filemanager )...I wouldn't call that a small change...

I can see a lot of people ( windows users ) who wouldn't have touched DSL 2.....version 4 is a big improvement if you ask me......
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^thehatsrule^ Offline

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Posted: Dec. 31 2007,04:43 QUOTE

The point form is much (!) easier to read,
but I was thinking more of something like adding:
- link to related forum thread, or
- note to show the obvious? (such as "easier to read" on the font change - maybe it's not so obvious to others)

Although I can easily see how this can be a tedious task... and one may not know where to draw the line from being too technical, or too pedantic, etc.

I wonder if anyone would want to perhaps maintain a wiki-driven entry...
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Genecks Offline

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Posted: Dec. 31 2007,16:56 QUOTE

I sometimes think people update things without proofreading them. For instance, I just edited FrugalGrub install and fixed it myself. A true lack of technical writing at its best. I wasn't very pleased with that fact, since I just did the poor man's install via net. I'm the one who updated the page and discussion page in the wiki, too.

After the poor man's, I decided to do the frugal install from the Live-environment. After noticing it didn't work, I was like, "Oh @Q#$Q@#$, now I have to look for that file, edit it, and test it until it works."

If there is something I've learned from my years of dealing with science (in the lab and out) and with technology, it's that you don't release something unless you've fixed it. Or at least you don't say you've fixed it until you've tried it over and over and over again like a person with an obsessive-compulsive disorder. That's part of the scientific method, which people fail at.

However, I do understand Linus's (do my work for me) philosophy. :|

It works now. I pretty much changed the protocol to ftp. I took out those stupid mirrors that weren't ibiblio: NOT And for another thing, I think the "l" in Linux was still capitalized, which needs to be lower-case. Now, the mirror issue is somewhat independent. I'm not too sure, but the letter "l" is a serious problem. Either way, the script didn't work and I made it work.

Another thing would have to be the numlock issue I'm having.

Other than that:

1. The mydsl stuff is super buggy

I tried scrolling through the available items, but it gave me the info page for each one. I didn't want the info page each time. I just wanted to scroll down.

2. Where are the ttys?

I'd like at least 1 tty in the background. It seems like tty1 was used to startx on tty2, and now I've got none in the background.

3. How do I switch to workspace 2?

I was doing the frugal install, and I decided to move it to workspace 2. Brilliant...not a smart move, because I couldn't get to workspace 2 with a ctrl+alt+right :(

I lost my work.

Other than that, things look a little better than 3.4, or whatever I was using a while ago.
mtpaint looks interesting. But I'd still like a tty in the background, because it would give me the ability to quickly access a terminal. And I don't have a mouse, and the ctrl+alt+numlock didn't work, so my only alternative (without knowing everyting about jwm and whatnot) was to try to use a tty to understand the system I am using. It wasn't there, so I was SOL. Luckily, I did find solitaire. :cool:
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john.martzouco Offline

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Posted: Dec. 31 2007,17:17 QUOTE

Quote (Genecks @ Dec. 31 2007,11:56)
If there is something I've learned from my years of dealing with science (in the lab and out) and with technology, it's that you don't release something unless you've fixed it. Or at least you don't say you've fixed it until you've tried it over and over and over again like a person with an obsessive-compulsive disorder. That's part of the scientific method, which people fail at.

Hi ge,

DSL is a work in progress.  It's also an amazing operating system!

It's not right to apply commercial standards to a community project.

You did the right thing by updating the Wiki.  We all need to pitch in to keep this beauty moving forward.  Robert is doing an outstanding job on his own... but let's not work him to death.

The scientific principle applied to this community project calls for the consumer to test the product in his lab before commiting to it.  Let me suggest that you use QEMU, VMWare or MS VirtualPC to work out the kinks before installing new versions on your target machine.  This approach has saved me many times... I've blown up several virtual installations already but my laptop clients have never suffered.

With my regards,
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