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rossjman1 Offline

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Posted: Jan. 24 2005,23:47 QUOTE

I have Comcast cable on Windows, and I didnt have to install anything (except for the ethernet drivers). It works great in DSL too, although it was initially set up in Windows.
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neo_trio Offline

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Posted: Jan. 30 2005,23:06 QUOTE

I use Verizon Online DSL... it works! :laugh:
AOL... don't even *censored* go there.

AOL commercial with a twist...
AOL Customer Service reps are the biggest bunch of shit-eating, monkey-ing motherers. Every single one of them.

FireWorld Computing...
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"We support DSL all the way, from the earliest versions to the latest versions!"
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ryptyde Offline

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Posted: Feb. 05 2005,01:26 QUOTE

Just recently (today) started with a new ISP on dial-up.I filled out a request form that obliged me to choose a username and psswrd.Was given a CD-R "Internet Software for Windows and Macintosh" and was told to just "put it in your computer and follow the on-screen prompts".

The install disc said "Installs Microsoft Internet Explorer and includes Netscape Navigator".Didn't use the install disc and used kppp on my FC3 box using my username,psswrd and dial-in # and everything worked.

I did ask about "Linux support" and was given a partially cross-eyed head-cocked quizzical look.
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Posted: Feb. 24 2005,23:53 QUOTE

Rutgers Resnet (School residential isp). They switched to DHCP this year, so all I had to do is deregister my iBook (which was getting sent to repair) and reregister with my pc tower (Thru their website). Once up it stayed up for 2 hours. Left dsl on for 4 hours while I went to class, came back, no incoming traffic (Other then the rutgers resnet site). No pings returned. I gave up, went to sleep, next boot it was working again. Maybe cause I left dsl on for four hours completely idle with no in or out traffic? Running .9.3 (latest) with no extensions when it happened (First run of dsl). Maybe John can test it. Or maybe its just my card/comp. Anyway, now that I got my Mac back, I ifconfig the MAC address of my pc to be the same as my iBooks so that i can use either one on the network.
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Posted: Mar. 05 2005,03:44 QUOTE

Actually the 2Wire portals (Switch/Firewall/Modem) that SBC uses have a feature called Greenlight.  The portal can register you and set up your user name/password on the DSL line without any software at all.

The SBC Guide that they are shipping now does not mention anything about the routers features but rather just includes a CD (Windows CD).  It refferences a section F of the install guide which isn't there.  You can setup the 2Wire Portal though by pointing your browser to and set up directly from the router. You of course need to set the computer ethernet card to  use DHCP prior to plugging in.

The SBC Tech support and Customer Service is the pits though. Prior to using SBC DSL I was sharing a dial-up first through Hawk Communications/JOI internet using ICS with a Windows box as the gateway for two linux machines.  Hawk canceled the dial-up account, becuse I overused my unlimited Internet access, then I switched to Netscape ( A real Headache).  Hawk Communications used to support Linux but have officially dropped Linux support, along with canceling people who take unlimited internet access to mean unlimited (48-90+ hrs connected a week).  I have never been able to get the stupid WinModems that everyone seems to want to sell nowdays to work in Linux... so I have just used ICS (Its been a Windows Feature since Win 98SE although MS claims it's new to XP) and ethernet  to connect linux computers to the internet.

 Anyhow with ICS enabled, the supplied SBC Software/Windows can not connect to the 2Wire portal.  Also if you have a el-cheapo router such as one from Blitzz, the Defualt IP Address for it and the 2Wire Portal are the same and well you have to change one or the other.  The SBC Support tech claimed it was a Virus or Spyware and was adamant about that causing the SBC supplied software to not work.  The Defualt address BTW for these routers is (SBC tech support folk are idiots for not even asking if another router was on the newtwork and even bigger Idiots for not telling people the defualt IP Address of the router/firewall/modem/wireless point IP Address and including documentation on how to use it).  I suppose what shocks me the most about SBC is that they are having you use a Modem/Switch with a much better Firewall than what Yahoo gives you. Why would you need another Firewall if one is at the Modem and built into the OS?

If you want to place an el-cheapo router between the SBC 2Wire router, such as the Blitzz router/wireless base/firewall, you need to change the Blitzz router IP address from to something else such as  The same goes if you are using a combination of homeplug and el-cheapo routers to eliminate dead spots in your home (Change all the  el-cheapo wireless IP router addresses).  

Anyhow if anyone wants the info on how to use ICS (Wants to plug a second or third Linux computer into small windows network using a switch to share an internet connection) this is how it is done;

RIght click on the the internet connection in Windows.  Tab over to advanced.  Click the share this connection with others on network box and if you have more than one Ethernet connections drop down which connection the home network is on. Windows will then assign the ethernet card you choose to share with as  The Subnet is set to .  You will now need to manually set every other computers IP address on the network.  Set the IP address as (That means you start with 2 for the first computer, then  3, 4, all the way until you run out of computers on the network ), the broadcast address(Damn Small aks as does Knoppix but RH does not) should be set the same as your IP address,  The Gateway should be set as the DNS server is  

If you are using Netscape and want to use ICS - Go ahead and Install the Netscape software connect it once to the intternet.  Then go into Network connections, delete the dial-up for Netscape and create a new one (Make up numbers it won't matter) but call it Netscape.  Enable ICS(And the WIndows Firewall if you want it).  Then use the Netscape provided dialer to connect/dial and Netscape internet service will take over the dialer you created and lock it down (You won't be able to adjust the settings anymore but ICS will be enabled on it).  Netscape is not Linux friendly at all.  In fact Netscape isn't even really very WIndows Friendly as it is very much like AOL in the fact that you have to use their special dialer.
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