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Topic: Compiling custom kernel for rt2500, rt2500 driver and SMP are not compatible< Next Oldest | Next Newest >
paku Offline

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Posted: Jan. 18 2006,15:41 QUOTE

:)  :)  

Thanks to all who helpped me out in to the real world with Rt2500 wireless card.
It funktion now, and very good. I had to compaile the Rt2500 from the source. Should I put a little step by step guide of how I made it to work on laptop tecra 8100 with 256ram....but you now the proces already.
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tempestuous Offline

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Posted: Jan. 18 2006,22:11 QUOTE

... of course.  The rt2500 module needed to be recompiled against the modified kernel.
I'm sure others in the DSL community would like to have your new kernel and rt2500 module.
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paku Offline

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Posted: Jan. 19 2006,11:12 QUOTE

This is what i did so i get the rt2500.o to funktion in dsl 2.1.

How  did  I made the Rt2500 (Ralink)Wireless card  funktion in DSL.
1. Asked lot of things in DSL forum.
2. Installed DSL to the hard disk.  
3. Then I used the program on desktop MyDSL and installed (I did  not share if it needed) and then and
4. Then I installed Synaptic.
5. Opened terminal and run:
sudo apt-get install gcc patch
6. Then downloaded kernel sources linux-2.4.31.tar.gz and dsl.config and knoppix-kernel.patch from
7. Then  I packed up the kernel source   tar -xzvf linux-2.4.31.tar.gz
8. Changed to the new folder linux-2.4.31 and copy the knoppix-kernel.patch to the same folder.
9. Run command :  make menuconfig. Scrolled down and gave the other config file, the path to dsl.config (that i downloade)
10. Then  I removed the SMP and added APIC
11. Then exit the program and it asked if I wanted to save the new config file (yes).
12. Then I gave the patch command
patch -p1 -d linux-2.4.31 <knoppix.patch
13. Then command make dep
14. After that I wanted to  give a name to the new kernel, I opened with emelfm the kernel source folder and opened the file Makefile. And there is text EXTRAVERSION= here  your name for the kernel. Save and exit.
15. Give command make bzImage (remeber that you mast be in the same folder all the time)
16. Then command make modules  
17. sudo make modules_install ( I had to use sudo)
18. Then sudo make install.

19. Then program emelfm (super user) and go to /boot/grub/menu.lst
edit the file menu.lst so you can see the new kernel in grub list. Give it a new  title and the name of the new kernel you gave.  (Ex of mine: title DSL Pakun kernel
kernel /boot/vmlinuz-2.4.31paku root=/dev/hda2 quiet vga=791 nodma noscsi frugal)
20. Then Rebot and when you come to the group  menu take the new one and so it go.
  Rt2500 driver
1. Download rt2500 from  (there is a link to the  sourceforge,klick on that and download the driver from the green link and from there take the rt2500.
2.Packed up with command tar -xzvf rt2500-1.0.0.tar.gz
3. Change in to new directory /Module and give command make config and it will ask you some question and give what it want an go an to the next command  make all.
4. The driver  are somewhere  in the  kernel source directory or  Module directory (the file is rt2500.o)
5. Then sudo insmod rt2500.o then it install the module (lsmod you can se it have been installed) and go to System-Net setup-iwconfig and do the rest of your configs.

You can then put it to start automatically  after every boot so you don’t need to insmod after every loggin and so to the iwconfig script to.

...i hope I did not forget noting.
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polo_step Offline

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Posted: Feb. 02 2006,04:15 QUOTE

I'm very happy to see people are working on getting the RT2500 working in DSL.  I have a new notebook with this wireless card built in and I would REALLY love to be able to use it with my DSL thumbdrive system so that I may employ DSL as a serious OS for my purposes.

Unfortunately, I am not expert enough with Linux yet to be confident in my understanding of the thread so far, but if this mod is incorporated into the next release of DSL, I'll be in business. :)

There are lots of these devices out there.
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dare2dreamer Offline

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Posted: Feb. 02 2006,10:21 QUOTE

Couple of thoughts...

1. DSL 2.2 is slated to go back to the 2.4.26 kernel. Any chance of you building your driver for that kernel?

2. Have you seen the open source project wiki?

I've used this driver under Ubuntu, and it's rock solid under a 2.6 kernel.

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Quick Reply: Compiling custom kernel for rt2500

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