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Sp33dstar Offline

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Posted: Mar. 11 2006,06:22 QUOTE

thnx for that docs, i will read them =)
but anyway, i know how use apt in standard way, and that way works normally on other debian distributions.
so, i need more to know, what is with that DSL.
but ok, i will read these docs from the begin to end, thnx again.
i hope there are all answers for DSL egzotic distribution too.

Sorry for my bad english ;P

and remember...
Keep Old Good Stuff Alive! =)
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brianw Offline

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Posted: Mar. 12 2006,02:30 QUOTE

Actually I was referring to dvdljns question about installing other apt packages.  Section 2 refers to configuring apt and where to look for packages. It does not have anything to do specifically with DSL.  DSL has had some mods to make it lighter and faster so some standard debian aps won't work.  Even with a standard debian install you can't install everything that is available because of dependency conflicts.
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dvdljns Offline

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Posted: Mar. 12 2006,04:05 QUOTE

That's right and because of dependency I cannot uninstall everything I don't want. You have to have some knowledge of linux to work it out. If I can get a install of dsl to do what I need it to do. I can learn to build modules then eventaully maybe I can have a dsl base install and the modules to add and make custom install of just the systems I need. And along the way I learn to use linux. I think you are right those links had the info I need. Thanks.
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lovdsl Offline

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Posted: Mar. 12 2006,05:38 QUOTE

jls legalize

Posted: Mar. 04 2006,06:10
load dsl-dpkg.dsl and then u can apt-get.
After u downloaded and tested the packages u can make a .dsl launching the script deb2dsl that is in the gnu-utils.dsl.
Just type deb2dsl and your debs that  are in /home/dsl and in /var/cache/apt/archives will be putted in the new .dsl

Is it really so simple? if I download gnu utilities and xmms-alarm.bed ( which has no dependancies)and type will create xmms-alarm.dsl which I can install via mydsl and add an alarm plugin to xmms?

is /var/cache/apt/archives where apt-get stores required dependent lib or files for requested downloads? thus adding to .dsl via deb2dsl for the download?

this would allow creation of .dsls from .deb and then install and backup.dsl

please say yes..that would be amazing
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spock Offline

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Posted: Mar. 12 2006,19:07 QUOTE

Hi there,

I just created a scid.dsl (Shane's Chess Information Database) extension for my Frugal install it took me less than 10 minutes :

First load dsl-dpkg.dsl (this contains the script deb2dsl)

sudo su
apt-get update (you can also change /etc/apt/sources.list before that : Enabling Apt)
apt-get install scid
exit (root) and as user dsl
scid (to test the app)
whereis scid (you will need this later)
/usr/bin/deb2dsl (you will have to answer a few questions) :
- scid.dsl (the name of the app)
- scid (name of menu entry)
- enter the path to the executable (given in whereis scid)

That's it. I had a scid.dsl extension in /home/dsl

/var/cache/apt/archives is where .deb packages installed with apt are stored.

Have fun  :)

Computers are useless, they can only give you answers.  Pablo Picasso
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