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ico2 Offline

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Posted: Nov. 10 2004,17:15 QUOTE


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WoofyDugfock Offline

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Posted: Nov. 11 2004,09:09 QUOTE

Thanks all for your help.

ke4nt1 - it's possible something's broken - in fact something definitely is since dsl hangs half-way through shutdown with  "pt-chown needs to be installed setuid root" (whatever these are)? I back up & reinstall at boot all of my apt cache and I've stuffed around a lot with various experiments. I don't suppose the config file that libnet-perl is looking for is already locked by gtk2.dsl or something else?

I notice apt-get remove is not removing unwanted deb packages from the cache - I have to sudo scite delete these manually. This is a pain because it mucks up the package management.
Do others have this problem or is it because I'm behind a NAT or something?

I'll also look into BitDefender.

I notice also that the debian website says that CLAMAV is to be included in the next distribution of Debian - this might yield another option as well.

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WoofyDugfock Offline

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Posted: Nov. 11 2004,14:25 QUOTE

Henk1955 - yes backing up /home/dsl/.bashrc in addition to /home/dsl/dist/ does the trick. I should have looked at the script more carefully. I suppose I could now delete the tarball from /dist/crc/.

I put ./home/dsl/dist/f-prot/
in /opt/ to see if it would update the virus signatures etc at every boot, but it doesn't work.
It opens the connections OK and starts to get the files but then says:

416 requested range not satisfiable
Continued download on this file failed, which conflicts with '-c'
Refusing to truncate existing file ''.

Which I imagine are wget error messages. So for some reason this script & wget doesn't like running at boot.

"We don't need no stinkin' Windows",39020390,39149796,00.htm
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henk1955 Offline

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Posted: Nov. 11 2004,14:48 QUOTE

if i look at the script
get -Nc && unzip -o
and look at WGET MAN
it looks line the -Nc option tries to contunue a aborted download.
may by this is an typo (-nc is a valid option to).
i would delete both *.zip files before runing the script.
if downloading does not take long i't delete all from dist/ and ran the install script all over

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Posted: Nov. 12 2004,11:26 QUOTE

You're right again Henk - deleting these files before running the script at boot does indeed work (though that doesn't explain why the script runs without problems after boot from a bash shell).

The recommended method in f-prot's man is to use cron to schedule downloads - so now I've discovered & intalled cron (from apt-get)

Guess what - now I can't get cron working!!!!!!

As the Major once said to Basil Fawlty (John Cleese): "Why do we bother, Fawlty?"

I've followed all the instructions etc etc.  Don't @#$&* work.

My scheduleupdates.cron (to run at say 12:55 every day) is in /home/dsl/dist/:

55 12 * * * ./home/dsl/dist/f-prot/; echo "Virus update ran "`date`>>/var/log/virus.log

Save & then type as root:
crontab -r
crontab /home/dsl/dist/scheduleupdates.cron
crontab -l
shows the cronjob has been set as inputted - should then run as root.

But no virus.log shows it doesn't run ( I got that idea off the web).
(According to man cron, putting CRONLOG=YES in a file /etc/default/cron is supposed to write a log file to /var/cron/log but that didn't work - probably because it's not running)

The f-prot man says to use the perl script (also provided) but that requires a perl module I don't have installed.

The sh script should run from cron, surely? It has ugo+x permissions.

Perhaps a PATH problem?

Is it just me?  Am I unusually intellectually handicapped?
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