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AwPhuch Offline

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Posted: Nov. 15 2004,22:51 QUOTE

What about the network boot (terminal kinda) server thingamajiger??


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cbagger01 Offline

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Posted: Nov. 16 2004,04:33 QUOTE

Once again,

if it was originally part of the knoppix 3.4 5-17-2004 livecd, then it can also be part of DSL version 0.8.x  WITHOUT any kind of kernel recompile or other nasty changes.

The only exception to this is anything related to the 2.6.x test kernel that came bundled with knoppix 3.4

Otherwise, the files can be reconstituted into DSL via some method like a *.dsl for example.
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Posted: Nov. 22 2004,13:42 QUOTE

Ok I finally got back to this and I think it now sorted out, so here it is documented for your titillation and extreme viewing pleasure:

After experimentation with the echo syntax in particular the following runs aok from a live CD boot.

After running Clacker's (see the link in my post 13 Nov, and starting cron using "/etc/init.d/cron start", the following test crontab job scheduleupdate.cron loads, runs and generates the desired log:

15 13 * * * /home/dsl/dist/f-prot/./;$(echo "Virus update ran "`date`>>/var/log/virusupdate.log)

However it then occurred to me that there is a more informative logging mechanism than this aleady built-in: just turn on wget logging in by inserting

-a /var/log/virusupdates.log

after wget in the 2 respective lines.

I've also decided Henk is right and the -Nc option after wget in has JUST GOT to be a typo - it leads to an error again ran as above and there is no such option in the man. So I've replaced it with -N which I think (?) is what was intended; it guarantees that downloads will not occur & overwite previous files unless the timestamp on the server file is newer than the previous downloaded file - the generated logfile seems to confirm this interpretation. So the start of the two final lines of are altered to:

wget -N -a /var/log/virusupdate.log http .... (etc etc)

(Just for completeness) BACKUP/RESTORE:

Have added the following to to load & start all this up on boot:
sudo /opt/./
/etc/init.d/cron start
sudo crontab /home/dist/

and added /opt/ to filetool.lst in addition to the f-prot backup lines added in an earlier post.

(Anacron might have been a better choice for me than cron since I'm intermittently online - but that battle can wait... all this is really TIME consuming though, isn't it?).
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