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DSL Tools

These are tools that were written by the DSL developers, and in a few cases by DSL users, to perform tasks specific to the operation of Damn Small Linux.
Special thanks to Robert Shingledecker, who has put a great deal of work and skill during the last few years into improving DSL and designing many impressive tools.

This list should in no way be considered complete, or even particularly thorough.

System Administration

cpanel DSL control panel.
addusers.lua GUI for adding users.
dslinstall Choose from various DSL installation methods.
pppdial GUI frontend to Dial-up PPP utilites.
swapfile.lua GUI for making a swapfile.
xsetup.sh Tool for configuring the DSL X server.
datetool.lua GUI for setting the date and time.
iwconfig_setup GUI iwconfig setup.
ndissetup GUI ndiswrapper setup.


mkmydsl Create a new ISO, adding your own selection of extensions and other files.
mydsl-load Install/uninstall myDSL extensions.
mydsl-wget Download a given extension from a myDSL repository.
mydslPanel.lua The MyDSL GUI Extension Tool.
dslMirror.lua DSL mirror selector.
ucitool.lua Display and umount currently mounted uci files.
gnu-utils-restore Download and install the gnu_utils myDSL extension (alternative to Busybox).
mkwriteable Open up additional parts of the filesystem for writing.


filetool.sh Backup/restore user-defined files.
filetool.lua GUI frontend to filetool.sh.
backup_device.sh Specify a device for file restoration.
webdata Backup/restore to WebSpace via ftp.
add2filetool.sh Add specified file(s) to .filetool.lst.


stats.lua Shows a lot of useful system information.
floppytool.sh Format and image floppy disks.
fdtool.lua Enhanced GUI floppytool.
iconsnap Refresh/line up desktop icon display.
xvesa.lua Quickly adjust the Xvesa screen resolution.
calendar.lua DSL calendar application.
dmix GUI frontend to umix audio mixer.
docked.lua Mount tool and mixer for the Fluxbox slit.
mount.lua GUI mount tool.
getman Online manual viewer.
getword Online dictionary.
icontool.lua Configure desktop icons.
rdesktop.lua GUI frontend to rdesktop.
smbclient.lua GUI frontend to smbclient.
sqlitebook.pl A bookshelf manager who=author, what=title.
switcher.lua Switch between window managers.
wallpaper.lua Desktop background selector.
wordview.lua GUI frontend to Word viewer.
flux2jwm.lua Convert Fluxbox menu to JWM menu.