MyDSL: Loading Extensions at Boot

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MyDSL extensions can be made to install automatically during the boot process, either by placing them in a location which is searched by default, or by placing them in a directory of your choice and using the boot time option mydsl=location.

The default location for all DSL versions back to 0.7 is the top level of your DSL installation. This top level, whether it be a mkmyDSL cd or on a fixed disk, is the place where the "KNOPPIX" and "boot" directories were installed. In DSL versions 2.3 and newer, the system will also scan for a directory named "mydsl" in the top level of each available device.

As an alternative, you can store your myDSL extensions in the location of your choice, and tell DSL where to look for them with a boot option. For example, if your DSL installation is on hda1 and you want to put your extensions on sda1, you can use the boot option mydsl=sda1, and DSL will search there.

DSL version 1.2 introduced the ability to specify a subdirectory for mydsl extensions. This can be useful if you have multiple sets of applications and want to choose which set to load for any given session. For example, you can put your extensions in a directory called /mnt/hda1/home/dsl/mydsl and use the boot option mydsl=hda1/home/dsl/mydsl.

You can also create a directory called "optional" in the same location as your myDSL extensions. Extensions that are stored under this directory will not be automatically loaded, but instead will be added to the "MyDSL" desktop menu under the category "Install Optional Extensions". This will give you quick access to installing these extensions at any time during your session.