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removed my addition because the reply from dmnsmllxrep stood well enough on its own - expup


This being a wiki, editing is a pretty fundamental part of the functionality and so on. On the other hand, deletions can be a somewhat confusing or even uncomfortable thing when happens, especially is this the case when it's communication that's being deleted from. And it's even more confusing/uncomfortable in a wiki -- because anyone is able to delete whatever he wants.

I see that people do delete their messages after the message has been answered and/or the problem at hand has been solved. In forums it's common to mark a thread by adding "SOLVED" (or similar) to the title. That might be a good idea here, and/or one could strikeout the text of the message in question. Solved problems could then be moved to an archive page. Or one could just delete the message... I realize that others may not share my views that I'm expressing in this post. However, I think it's a good thing when deletions are commented, either in the summary field of the edit window, or writing something here in the discussion (as the above post). My 2 cents. --Captain Chaos 5 December 2009 02:01 (UTC)