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How to use forum

you need to activate your forum account before you can post

  • This is now in the FAQ. dentonlt 3 January 2009 23:17 (UTC)

SUH asked:

Where to find Beginner Information?
Please enter information here, where to get "SUH" (stupid user help), for example how to "install" Linux Drivers ("demons") when downloading. Example: Adobe offers Linux tar.gz files for videos in news pages (flash etc.), but what to do with those files? how to get that video running?
(or do Stupid Users like me have to just remain with windows?)

Answer by Fioddor:

Ways to get SUH:
  • Your fauvorite web search engine
  • DSL forums (official or unofficial)
  • LUG forums
  • This wiki
By the way. "deamons" are not linux drivers, but linux services.
I don't know about Adobe's files, but tar.gz files are compressed files you can decompress using different tools. Just search the web for "untar man". Tar is included in DSL
To get flash videos running you need a capable browser. Firefox has plug-ins to play flash videos.
Probably. The community uses to be helpful for intelligent people lacking some information, but it also tends to be stupidity-alergic.