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SomSome time ago, whenever I tried to log in into the wiki the system said I had the cookies disabled, which was not true, so I tried this 'hello world' as a test. The issue is now solved, but in the meantime I've seen this useful, so I'll leave it here.

Personal interests

This is the real me ;-)

  • Free software and free culture. Freedom in general. I have been a technitian throughout my life and I certainly still keep a certain interest in technical aspects, but in the recent times I am getting rather interested in promotional aspects.
  • Music (heavy metal/celtic/rock/...). I am a listener. I try to learn to play but...
  • Motorcycling (custom, not speed)
  • Scuba diving
  • Ecology. Personally, in general. As a physicist, I focus in alternative clean energy sources.
  • Poverty. With the age I very slowly get more conscious.
  • Science. Since I was a kid.
  • Philosophy. Since I started to stop being one (not finished yet)
  • Fantasy. Basically swords, witchery, vampires, ...

And related to [1] there are practical aspects like...


  • programmer since I was 15
  • graduate in applied physics
  • speak spanish, german, english and scant french and basque
  • worked...
    • as IT and languages teacher when I was young
    • in telecom industry (Alcatel) for several years
    • in SW industry (Panda, Techni-Web)
    • as quality consultant (Leda-mc)

Other info