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Nobody seems to be using this page except for the Romanian spammer and me. Since protected pages don't affect me anyway, I'm protecting this page to protect it from the Romanian spammer. I've been reluctant to do so so far mainly because this seems to be his favorite spot, which I know of, and if I remove his favorite spot, he would find another favorite spot, which I don't know of.

However, he probably isn't a real person. If he was, he would realize by now that his hidden links do him absoultely no good. "He" is probably the combination of a script and one or more Romanian children working for 50 cents an hour completing CAPTHCAs. I think that his script only looks for the Main Page, and Talk:Main Page, and maybe a few other common wiki pages.

There are a bunch of things that might happen after I lock this page. I can find his spam, wherever it is, so I'm just going to lock this page, and see what happens.

If you have any questions or comments, etc, regarding the Main Page, you can still discuss it on Talk:Main Page Beta.

  --Winter Knight Feb 14, 2007

Hello, again. Note to whoever thinks they are clever by spamming the Talk Page with hidden links to sites: the links on this, as well as every page on this wiki, have the rel="nofollow" attribute set. That means that search engines will not follow it, and therefore not increase rank. While I commend your ability to hide those links for almost a month, it did you no good, and will continue to not do you any good. This is not the wiki you wish to spam. Move along.

  --Winter Knight Nov 7, 2006

Hello! I just moved the Main Page Beta over to Main Page Main. Beta was just better. undertow was right when he predicted that the heirarchy would get sloppy when the TOC couldn't be changed. Now that the wiki has a full time administrator, I hope to remedy that. I intend to keep the front page locked, but I'll frequently update the main page from the beta page. About twice or thrice a week.

As long as your addition isn't spam, or just really stupid, I'll probably include it. And don't worry too much about linking to vapor pages. They are automatically, clearly defined by color, and I predict that they will magically materialize thru the vortex of the wiki spirit.

Also, I deleted some old, fixed stuff from this discussion. There's no reason to keep old problems around. We will always have plenty of new ones. --Winter Knight, October 6 2006

Why not start with the main page unprotected? I understand that the sysops are worried about vandalism. But is frustrating when you I think you could improve a page but are not allowed to. I think it would be best to start with it unprotected and only protect it if it becomes necessary. --Friedgold 27 August 2005 07:47 (EDT)

I agree with friedgold. At least, add a link to an open area. The current setup only allows folks to contribute to existing pages and not begin new ones...IMO this will make for a sloppy heirarchy of pages. -undertow
Depending on how much suggestion and/or improvements are made here, I might end up doing that, for now, I will create Main Page Beta for public improvements. Make sure you record all changes done in the discussion page. -J.P.