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Old tasks completed

Some of the old discussions here are ... really old. They include:

  • Link to View all Docs posted. (2005)
  • Link to off-site Wiki-editing-howto (2005)
  • Remove TOC and 'Section Editing tabs' from the Main Page (2005)
  • Move the 'Imprinting to USB From Windows' stuff to 'Installing from USB' (I wrote that so I've removed it altogether dentonlt 2 January 2009 10:15 (UTC)).
  • Typos in the Income Guide (unknown, b/t July and Dec 2007)
  • Forum replacement needed (Portalcore, 7/2007)

These were/are important conversations, but they're stable right now. I've commented them out. To view them, edit this section and read between the comment <! -- and -- > signs. Just remove the comments to make them visible. dentonlt 2 January 2009 10:15 (UTC)

Wonderful explaantion of facts available here.

Multilingual wiki

I've translated the first two levels of the wiki into spanish and I've just added a link to the spanish main page.

I've tried several alternatives and finally I've chosen the current one. If you don't like it just move it somewhere else. However, it should be best somewhere visible, because a non english speaker will just see a huge amount of encripted nonsense and should be able to rapidly be aware of the existance of an understandable version before he/she gives up.  :-)

Thanks for translating the wiki, Fioddor. Top of the page is a good place for alternate languages. Keep up the good work. I moved your change to the Main Page. - Winter Knight

Unlinked pages

IMHO I think each and every page in the wiki should be linked from somewhere else.

In other words: once in the wiki, one should be able to access every page just by clicking, without the need to type anything.

If you agree with this policy, some action is needed on the following links, which seems to be orphaned (unlinked), as clicking in 'What links here' returns no results:

  • I agree with this theory/goal, but I'm not into arbitrarily linking orphans to the Main Page (clutter equally bad as orphans). Perhaps some of those links could go under an 'expansion' topic/page/article, or something like that? I'll do my best to create such a page, and move some of those links over.
    dentonlt 2 January 2009 08:53 (UTC)

Suggestion to relocate the 'wireless cards page'

Yesterday (10th february (2007?)) a sugestion was included in the introductory text of Verified_Wireless_Cards page.

I've removed it from there, because the right place for the suggestion is this Main Page Beta discussion page.

I don't agree with this suggestion, but never the less it is a valid contribution attempt that deserves respect. So I put it here: "Since this is the MOST COMMON QUESTION, then I suggest the link be at the TOP OF THE HOMEPAGE, not the bottom, great page, thanks"

My personal opinion concerning the suggestion is: It is indeed the most common question in the forums, but it doesn't mean it is the most needed information. People first solve their basic needs and then the wireless issue appears. The demand at the forum is the fact that supports the creation/existence of that page, not its location. The wiki's homepage should be structured according to subject logic and not to amount of demand. But this is just my opinion...

  • Agree with the mover (Winter Knight?), not the original poster. First organize a reference site by content, then draw attention to high-use content when possible. dentonlt 2 January 2009 08:56 (UTC)

Do the admins still watch this place?!

Elassint 22 November 2007 00:19 (EST)

  • Hello, Elassint. I am the wiki administrator. I usually come by once a week and remove spam. This time I hadn't come by in almost a month. I appreciate your help in removing the spam.
  • --Winter Knight 5 December 2007 23:38 (PST)

Request move Mac notes to Specific Systems

Although it's cool to know that DSL runs on an Intel Mac with Parallels Virtualization, I don't think that belongs on the front of the wiki. Perhaps replace it with a link to the the Specific Systems category, or make a page that lists all the walk-throughs? I'll take on writing the latter. (dentonlt, 26 Dec 2008)