Data Adquisition

I've tried DSL on my Pentium 166 16 Mb RAM laptop (Extensa 390) and it works!
Now, I'm using this machine to make data adquisition and temperature controlling.
My favorite compiler (and programming language) is FreePascal. I've copied some files from a Debian woody installation to make this work, and it works.

Copied files was:

as (to /usr/bin , from binutils package)
ld (to /usr/bin , from binutils package) (to /usr/lib called from as or ld ?) (to /usr/lib ) (to /usr/lib )
libvga.config (to /etc/vga )

Now I can compile and run all my freepascal/vgalib/data adquisition source code.

Today Will Suck...

If you have ever had your wisdom teeth out, you know that that is not a pleasant experience.

That is what I'm doing today. -_- All sorts of fun.

Anyways, I'll probably be mostly non-existant here for a few days.

On what I've been doing, and intend to do...

I've been trying to make a .dsl of TeamSpeak2, but am having problems with premissions. Very annoying. I'll keep fiddling with it.

Also, I need to start hacking together a nice html page of the new FAQ we have been creating in the forums. Read over it if you haven't already. Add stuff to it if you need to.


Ok so I'm feeling like I have to get something off my tell you all the truth-and I know this is going to invite flames and defamation-I'm using DSL and Linux in general for Law Enforcement work.

I am a Forensic Analyst. I examine evidence brought to me according to the parameters of a investigator following the scope of a search warrant or invesigator(when there is an exception to a search warrant-lile user consent).

This does not mean I am looking over anyone shoulder prying into your affairs watching posts etc. I believe in the first and fourth ammendments as strongly as anyone else. AND I personally think the Patriot Act is a little overarching in scope.

486 with 20 MB of RAM

I had been testing out other small distros for a laptop my brother gave me that had a 200MB harddisk and 20 MB of RAM on a 486 processor. I found this distro (then version .0.7.1) and wow did it do the trick. It had a better GUI environment I felt than WIN95 on the same machine. It supported all my PCMCIA cards.
I am now using .0.8.4 and yeah it has come a long way. I think about the only thing I can think of that i really wish came on the CD was the Dosfstools because I like cfdisk and DSL seems to work flawlessly for partitioning harddisks and copying files.
THANKS to all you at DSL.

DSL my Linux home

I just want to tell you all that I think DSL is great! This is the way an OS should be, lean and mean yet still have everything I need. I'll be adding more her as I go.


So, I am trying something new.

I've read great things about Drupal, lets see how it jives with the DSL community.