What do you think of "DSL Talk"? (leave a comment too, please)

Super Terrific!
56% (18 votes)
It's OK.
38% (12 votes)
I don't really care about it.
3% (1 vote)
It stinks.
3% (1 vote)
Total votes: 32

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i dunno

i really was interested in it at first, but most of the posts seem to be tech support related by folks who participate quite infrequently. I really like how it started, but it seems the active "voices" quickly died down. just one fellers opinion, what's yours?


is it not clear, that such things like that go in the forums?
it is nice tho

DSL Distro It Work's!

It works! network came straight up on my 166mhz Pentium. I have installed other Linux's from time to time but given up spending hours try to get the config to work or re-compile the kernal to match my system! just what I needed to have a dedicated Web Server on my network.
Well done Guys & Girls. I shall now try it on some older PC's.
By the way I used "Smart Boot Manager" to boot the cd from floppy.

Tony ---Melbourne Australia

Well done

Installed to HDD so easily compared with many other distros. I still haven't any sound yet on my Compaq Armada 7380DMT with ESS 1878. But I'm looking for an answer!

General Thoughts

I have enjoyed the forums and the information that is available, I have tried to use the CD acouple of times, so far I haven't figured out how to save the information that I create in RAM. I have been to the other linux users forums and sights and have enjoyed learning. I hope that sooner or later I will beable to use the DSL, but for now its OK. I did print out the "book" and still trying to go through it. Thanks for the info and if anyone has time to let me know how to save my work I would appreciate it.

I wanted more

I guess I'm a little disappointed with the dsl blogs. You get a lot of questions from people who never used dsl or probably Linux before asking questions, which would be OK, but the blogs lack "meat." I thought that the idea was if you had a project or something you did that was a little more involved, you could write about it here. I guess what I was looking for was something like librenix dedicated to dsl where you could look and learn new and interesting things. It's not that people aren't doing neat things, but they don't like talking about them.

It's like on the forums: someone asks a question and the reply is "yah, sure, Ive done that before" but they don't tell you how. Sort of a "screw you, I had to work to figure it out, now you suffer too because I'm so much better than you." Wine and kernel remastering are two great examples of this. People have done it but not many share what they did, just that they did. I suspect that things even cooler and geekier than that are being accomplished all the time, but no one talks about it.

That said don't know how to improve the situation. As long as people can sign up, they can post those questions rather than sharing what they know. As long as people have that standard issue MIS person attitude of "you whining looser, why not figure it out on your own" not many people will post decent stuff.

The one good thing I can say for it is that it doesn't suck quite as badly as IRC, which is even worse than this. They even have right up front "ask your question and wait." Great, if you feel like privileging me with a response it would really make my day. I'd rank the IRC way below the forums. The blogs are just OK.

The Method Behind Our madness

The reason we have that in the topic in IRC is that many of the people who work/help in the IRC channel are doing so from work or school, and we cannot be constantly looking at the IRC window. We have things that affect our lives and families that we have to tend to before DSL issues. So it could be a few minutes before we have a chance to see your question, much less answer it, and we don't want people to come in, ask a question, get frustrated and leave in 90 seconds when their question wasn't answered immediately.

The blogs were never intended to be used to answer or ask questions, that's for the forums and #damnsmalllinux. Nor were they meant to share knowledge of the deeper workings of DSL. That's for the Docs.

The blogs are meant for people to share their stories of how they use, work with, and share DSL in their everyday lives. How they turned that old atticware computer into a network ftp/streaming music server/whatever cool thing that has the neighbors asking "How'd you do that?!". Things that are more personal than the goings-on in the forums or #damnsmalllinux, and not as technical as the Docs. Many people like to share these kinds of things, and this was made to be the appropriate place for all of that.


Deep Thought was wrong. The Answer isn't 42, it's DSL!

Comment on various regions of DSL site in general

Having only registered for the Talk pages thirteen minutes ago, I can't be expected to have a particularly valid opinion. ;)

I can say that I think the concept is necessary; I am not the only new and low-income Linux user here and I know that I have a bad habit of misusing the forums for blog-type posts and asking questions that have already been answered in the documentation. For the most part, the forum participants have been very tolerant and understanding, but I'm sure it must get old after awhile.

I think perhaps a larger font at the top of the main page for the documentation and the talk pages, and maybe an explanation of what they are, might be helpful. I know when I get as excited about something as I am about DSL, it gets kind of hard to keep my mouth shut.

We also all have lives outside of our computers, and sometimes it just feels quicker and easier for a newbie to re-ask a stupid question than it is to search.

Almost all of my lessons in searching forums and netiquette have come from the DSL forums, although I'll readily admit to being extremely promiscuous with Linux distros, especially live CDs.The support I get from the forum users has been outstanding and has made all the difference in the world. I look forward to branching out into the Talk pages and hopefully contributing something to the documentation eventually.

Thanks, it's just what I needed, a USB-bootable distro.

I downloaded it, installed it and was running in minutes. It has everything I expected out of a micro-distro.

Koset Surakomol

Forum revised

Does not appear to be used much...nice idea no posting.

Does not appear to be used much...nice idea no posting.

Does not appear to be used much...nice idea no posting.

Does not appear to be used much...nice idea no posting.