How do you use Damn Small?

Live CD
31% (28 votes)
Hard drive install
43% (39 votes)
USB drive
14% (13 votes)
Embedded from another OS
7% (6 votes)
5% (5 votes)
Total votes: 91

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How I use DSL...

At work, it's embedded, from a USB drive, on my Work PC. Gives me alternative ways to troubleshoot, that I don't have, under windows.

At Home, it's a frugal install, on a Toshiba Satellite 330 CDS (actually, two 330 CDSs). One of them will become a server/proxy box, living in the closet, with the network infrastructure, once I get squid running on DSL. A useable computer, with 32MB of RAM, doing everything I need. Gotta love DSL.

Mean + lean

I'm an old-timer, my first "PC" was a Sinclair ZX81 with 1k of ram; 256 bytes of which was for the processor stack! So the current Micro$oft bloat and horrendous large Linux dependancies irritate me.
Especially when I don't have broadband.
DSL is a breath of fresh air.

Thanks guys!

My DSL Installs

Running DSL in the following places:

1. Aging but dependable Toshiba Satellite Pro (440cdt)

Frugal install on HD.

2. Development Build in VMware player

For making extensions. Essentially a live CD.

3. As a second "emergency boot" on my gf's laptop.

It's a Dell Latitude LS. Do NOT buy one unless you enjoy swearing.

Frugal on HD, alongside Ubuntu and her winxp install that hasn't seen use since Dinosaurs ruled the earth.

4. On my pendrive.

DSL-embedded goodness for when I'm dragged away from my own toys. Gives me an NX client in my pocket, allowing me to remote home to my desktop.


Im a DSL/Linux newbie

I am running DSL from a live CD on my ThinkPad A21e 700MHz 256 ram 20GB HD. I want to install on my older 300MHz PII ThinkPad 192MB ram 20GB HD. Any tips for me? I also want to know how do I start my own blog comments here. After creating my account I picked "my blog" and the window basicly came up empty. Any tips on what I may be doing wrong?


Do You Know What You Are? You Are What You Is!

Thinkpad DSL Install


Im using a Thinkpad 770x and DSL runs fine on it.
If you need help, just ask me... (e.g. with soundcard)

By the way, I use "rdesktop" to connect to my WinXP-Server
for using its MS-software. This works exceptionally good -
the Thinkpad runs absolutely NOISELESS (hdparm -S10 /dev/hda).


usb drive

I carry the USB drive I bought on my keychain, and unfortunately it is now broken. Is there a way to retrieve the files that make it run off the USB and put it on another USB drive without buying another drive from DSL? Has this happened to anyone and if so who did you contact?


DSL Redacted

I am trying to use DSL but have difficulty configuring it.


It is better to use DSL as HD instal. Its really fast and efficient for older hardwares.

DSL-3.0.1 on a Toshiba Satellite 2540cds


I recently read about Damn Small Linux in the Linux Weekly News (I've been a subscriber for the past few years, and read it daily).

Anyway, I've been a Unix/Linux sysadmin for the past 18 years, but always working on either servers or workstations. Well, I finally decided to buy myself a present: a used, low-end laptop, on eBay. I knew that I wanted "low-end", but nothing too crazy, and ended-up finding a rather cherry Toshiba Satellite 2540cds.

Then I said to myself: "Jonathan, you've been working with Linux since 1996, but solely with Red Hat distributions (and now, Fedora)." So, I remembered that article in LWN, and the rest is, as we say, history.

With an AMD K6/II-333, 96MB RAM, and a 4.3GB hard drive, it's certainly not a Compaq LTE 4/75cxl (I've got one, with 16MB RAM and a 340MB hard drive -- my next DSL project), but will actually be a very functional, portable computer.

On my home workstation (PIII/866) I've been running the FVWM95 window manager (see my desktop on "Window Managers for X"), and would really like to continue with it on DSL (I installed v3.0.1). Any way for me to integrate it (and, while I'm at it, Thunderbird)?

HOWEVER, no compiler! I laughed, because I haven't had to compile GCC since 1989/90, and have become accustomed to finding it in all distributions. Anyone done a "bootstrap" compilation of GCC on DSL?

Also, without an !@#$ compiler, how can I lock my screen?!

Yes, I made a donation... put my money where my mouth is. Thanks to everyone for all the work.

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