Have you donated to Damn Small?

No, I am a leaching scumbag.
47% (8 votes)
Yes, but very little cause times are tough and/or I am a tightwad.
29% (5 votes)
Yes, as much as possible.
24% (4 votes)
Total votes: 17

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great, so how do you vote?

I'm a leaching scumbag with a heart of gold, a bad attitude, and no money. How do I vote in poll?


Time, yes, money...

I'm in college, what do you think?
Deep Thought was wrong. The Answer isn't 42, it's DSL!

No, I will not donate!

Besides ideas, code, support for noobs and propaganda in DSL, I will not donate anything!

I guess, I am not the only one feeling insulted by the first option: for helping an Open Source project to survive there are much more possibilities than just giving money.

On the other hand it is not fair to blame just the users for the missing flow of money. Try the perspective of a computer magazine or a company that needs a customized version of DSL. Maybe to distribute a bootable CD with their virus scanner. Maybe they even want to sell their virus scanner on a DSL bootable USB stick. Maybe to incorparate a demo of their linux based software. Maybe to distribute a bootable presentation of their company?

Someone requesting such a service and willing to pay for it does not immediately find a contact. He does not get an overview of other customized versions. He does not find anything about the one responsible for the project (is it a non-profit organisation, is it a small consulting company, is there a contact in EU, one in the US, maybe one in AU?) and therefore will not be able to determine instantly, if there is a possibility of getting a customized version nor if there is the chance of tax-deductability.

DSL is not the only OSS project suffering from the mis-perception, that a good product alone is a guarantee for a flow of donations. And some good projects will probably die because of this mis-perception. I do not want DSL to be among those dying projects. But to have a bright future DSL may have to concentrate more on the characteristics that are reasons for those being able to pay larger sums to fund the DSL development.

In my opinion, contributing t

In my opinion, contributing time, and to this website is a form of donation too. Every quality post in the forum or entry in these blogs helps the project along.

So, don't think that 'leaching scumbag' is our official perspective :-).

I want to change! Really I do.


Leaching scumbag here. I do want to contribute more though - guess I'll have to see where money can go. Can't buy mini-itx stuff, as my wife would notice that much money walking out ;-) Don't need a CDR - they're about AUD$2 here. Hmm...

CF-IDE ordered (tho Bill DeRouchey's post makes me nervous)

You should probably respond to his post, John, to reassure others who are considering/in the process of buying stuff from you.

Contribution... gladly.

I have gained so much enjoyment out of learning DSL and Linux as a noob that I felt the need to do something to contribute. I believe in open source and free stuff, but I also understand the need for funds to keep it going. DSL is the greatest thing out there, as far as I'm concerned.So, yes, I did what I could do and quite honestly, I don't really care if anyone disagrees or not. I just want to do my part in insuring that DSL will be there in the future for me as well as the ones I've introduced DSL to.

have you pressured people int

have you pressured people into paying for open-source??? are you out of your mind?

Hi Bill Gates!

Hi Bill Gates!

a shame we have trolls like that here already.

see subject.

tronik @ #damnsmalllinux irc.freenode.net


Me? No, I still won't pay!

no pressure, no greed

I think it shows more greed to take full advantage of every opportunity to get something without paying back (or forward). Open source isn't about getting stuff for no money, but rather about the free exchange of knowledge and ideas. You can't continue such a demanding project as a full Linux distribution if you have to put in all the work and money all by yourself. The only way for it to be successful is if others help...and that's what community is all about.

Donating for a good cause

I plan on donating by buying a DSL pen drive so I can boot into DSL from Winblows any time I want.

Donation Idea

I would like to do option 3. Please contact me via email.