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Full Version: Will we get another DSL book in the future?
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A bit of preamble on me; I started using old DSL around a year ago since I had picked up a ARM Laboratories 340S8 (brand doesn't matter, in what research I have done this laptop was sold under 100000000 different names but atleast the model number stayed the same) running a Tulatin P3 1GHz with ATI Rage LT Pro (8MB) and 2x 256MB of SDRAM. I researched multiple distros looking for a decent one that would pair nicely to dualboot and I found DSL, I liked the premise so on eBay I bought the book to research more myself and I loved the book and the OS; as the OS was fast and had a decent amount of software support, while the book went into all the little details on how the OS worked and the core philosophy which I really enjoyed. I was thrilled when I saw today that on distrowatch not only was DSL on the rise surpassing OS's like void and only being a couple of spots away from DSL's spiritual successor TinyCore but to also find the project revived now with a new AntiX coat of paint! Now for the question, will 2024 DSL get the same book treatment that the original DSL got? I would personally love to see one since I found it immensely useful since it helped me learn linux and its' inter-workings even more since upto that point I had only used Endeavor (I currently use Debian and I'm trying to swap to AntiX but with LXDE) and I think the DSL book was a great teaching tool and just a good read in general and that a new one would be a great idea. Just to see how the community would be open to the idea of a new DSL book there is a poll below to see who would be interested in buying a copy if it where to get made.

It really depends on how much time I have to dedicate to this project.  There are many things I want to do with DSL.  This is just a part time endeavor though.