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Full Version: Release Candidate 4 Now Available
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Added su-to-root before starting control center

Compiled and updated Dillo to the much improved 3.1.0 (from 3.0.5)(!).

Compiled and added the Gemini Dillo plugin (check bookmarks to test it out)

Unified theme between user and root for a more consistent look in administrative programs.

Cleaned up the interface by adding some missing icons

Removed icons from both Fluxbox and JWM menus to reduce overhead and the visual footprint

Added German, French, Spanish Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese language support


BTW, I am looking to partner up with folks who sell used and refurbished laptops.
I've made a torrent available. Also a magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:J3DCXMZPITPQL6IV2S4W5GJOGESTWH6E