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Full Version: Release Candidate 5 Now Available
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For this RC, I focused on making DSL 2024 more low-RAM friendly. I developed a routine that bypasses Slimski and directly launches Xorg with settings that are less RAM-intensive. I also added EmelFM, a functional and low-RAM GTK1.2-based file manager, and the very lightweight icon manager Idesk. You will see new boot options: "low ram" and "lower ram".  These modes both use a desktop menu that prioritizes lighter-weight application options.

The results are impressive: the "low ram" option boots to the desktop 30% faster and uses 20% less RAM with icons and Conky running. The "lower ram" option boots 42% faster and uses 36% less RAM with no icons and no Conky.

Additionally, I fixed the repository issue and an annoying resizing bug in XMMS.

Updated packages:


I am still looking for laptop refurbishers to partner with.
Hi John!

Just finished installing rc5. Went pretty good. One thing that I noticed though is that there are just a few languages to make the install local and I can tell you that Swedish wasn't one of them, wonder why?

// meo
Bonjour John,

Merci pour cette nouvelle release candidate.
Bonne idée que les options low ram et lower ram.
Pour une installation frugale, quelle est la syntaxe à utiliser ?


---------------------------- in english ----------------------------
Hello John,

Thank you for this new release candidate.
Good idea that low ram and lower ram options.
For a frugal installation, what syntax should I use?

Thank you.
Bests regards.
Hi John,

I've seen :
in dsl control center / Session / Engage autosuspend : icon missed.

emelfm hasn't any menu entry, but i can run it via terminal.

xmms runs very well :-)

Thank you.

Bests regards.
Rantanplan: Untested, but you should just be able to add "lowram" to your /etc/grub.d/40_custom entry.

Thank you for the notification on the missing icon. I am glad xmms is working properly for you. EmelFM is in the low ram menu under "File Manager".


Rantanplan : non testé, mais vous devriez simplement pouvoir ajouter "lowram" à votre entrée /etc/grub.d/40_custom.

Merci pour la notification sur l'icône manquante. Je suis heureux que xmms fonctionne correctement pour vous. EmelFM se trouve dans le menu inférieur de la RAM sous "File Manager".


Meo: I've been going for the language support for the most people possible with the limited space on the ISO. Looking at the user statistics the languages I've selected seem to reflect the greatest percentage of the DSL user base with the current limitations.
Hi @John,

very well !
Well done !

found emelfm : thank you.

xmms enlarged : i'm hearding webradio with it !


Many thanks.


under lowram, menu Applications/Disto Tools/Package Manager based on CLI-APT.
After opening the terminal, parts of the text are not legible.

Is it possible to fix the default settings of the terminal in the next RC?

Thank you

--------------------------- en français ---------------------------

sous lowram, menu Applications/Outils Disto/Gestionnaire de paquets basé sur CLI-APT.
Après l’ouverture du terminal, des parties du texte ne sont pas lisibles.

Est-il possible corriger les paramètres par défaut du terminal dans la prochaine RC ?


If I run x-terminal-emulator with the arguments:
x-terminal-emulator -bg black -fg white
All text is readable when I run:

Thank you

Bests regards

--------------- en français -----------------

Si je lance x-terminal-emulator avec les arguments :
x-terminal-emulator -bg black -fg white
tout le texte est lisible lorsque j'exécute :
Merci, j'apprécie vraiment l'aide à la chasse aux bugs. Il y a quelques autres choses que j'ai découvertes. Attendez-vous à une autre coupe RC assez bientôt.
Thank you, I really appreciate the bug hunting help. There are a few other things I've discovered. Expect another RC cut fairly soon.
Hello John,

For some applications that run in a terminal, I suggest you modify/complete the exec line of the .desktop file.

I propose this:

alsamixer.desktop and alsamixer-equalizer.desktop
exec=urxvt -bg black -e...
exec=urxvt -bg black -fg white -e ranger

In my opinion, it will be easier to read.
Do you share my point of view?
Thanks for DSL.


-------------------- en français --------------------
Bonjour John,

Pour quelques applications qui s'exécutent dans un terminal, je te propose de modifier/compléter la ligne exec du fichier .desktop.

Je propose ceci :
alsamixer.desktop et alsamixer-equalizer.desktop
exec=urxvt -bg black -e...
exec=urxvt -bg black -fg white -e ranger

Selon moi, la lecture sera plus aisée.
Partages-tu mon point de vue ?

Merci pour DSL.


seen in Control Center > Set boot Grub image... > Grub Background
The View, Commit and Cancel buttons haven't icons.

From Control Center, seen that Software > Manage packages runs in terminal with the goods values for the background (black) and the foreground (white).
So, I confirm my yesterday message #7 above.

Thank you.

Good afternoon.

Bests regards
Hello @John,

about my post #9 above , this happens when DSL runs in lowram mode.
In "normal" mode, all is clear :-).

Sorry for confusion or unprecision.

Have a good day.

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