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need help!
I wanted to make use of a legacy hp t5000 series thin client pc, very weak in performance, it using Crusoe CPU, 64mb ram, 32mb flash, windows CE. Net 4.20 ,so i wanted to run Linux, i have tried slax, kernel panic ,damn small Linux couldn't load my wireless mouse drivers at last i had to try the old precise puppy 5.3 non pae, it took took long to reach the full desktop and the cpu usage was all red, couldn't do anything, is that because of small memory or the CPU can only execute one code at a time
A "thin client" does no real work on its own; it displays the work done on a server. The Transmeta Crusoe CPU (released in 2000) emulates a x86 processor. I can't find exactly what version of x86 it emulates, but since it's supposed to support MMX, it should in principle emulate a x586, and thus be able to run Linux. The fact that you were able to run an old version of Puppy (however slowly) proves it.

Finding a distribution that's able to do anything useful is another matter. I suggest you try Tiny Core Linux, which requires 46 MB of RAM. If it doesn't run satisfactorily, try a distribution about as old as the Crusoe CPU itself.

How were you able to install Puppy? From a USB drive?

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