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Release Candidate 6 Now Available
For this RC I focused a lot on bug fixes and refinements:
  • Replaced gksu with a YAD sudo script
  • Added DarkHTTPd (a lightweight web server)
  • Added French, Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese support to Sylpheed
  • Fixed several small bugs and formatting issues
  • Restored Galternatives and Archive-extract programs
  • Added a subroutine to bypass menu rebuilding at startup if the language is set to en_* (for faster boot time)
  • Set up Firefox-esr so that it works using the Fluxbox & JWM window framing by default
  • Modified "lowram" subroutines to work properly after HD install

I am having surgery tomorrow, so I may be less available for the next week or so.
Right now there is a mistake on the download page. The link for dsl-2024.rc6.lz4.iso and for dsl-2024.rc6.lz4.iso.md5.txt goes to the respective file for RC5.

P.S.: Hope everything goes well!
Thank you for catching that. I was rushing to get the release out before the surgery. Everything went about as well as can be expected. I just need to take it easy for a few days and have a nice new scar at the base of my neck.

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