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Release Candidate 2 Now Available
I removed BadWolf and installed Firefox-esr and Netsurf. Badwolf is fantastic, but it may be too minimal for a general-purpose distribution like DSL. Firefox can be pretty RAM-intensive, so I also included the thrifty GTK version of Netsurf. I switched the default GTK theme over to the dark BlackBird, which works with both GTK2 and GTK3 applications. I updated 115 packages to come in line with the current release of antiX and fixed a few bugs.
Hi John!

Testing the new rc2 on my netbook using a thumb drive. Works well! I can connect to the wifi and now I'm using the Firefox browser. No problems at all so far. Thanks for the new cut of DSL! I like to have Firefox from the start without downloading.

// meo
Good job! I installed DSL on an old IBM X41 and it runs great!
Thank you for using DSL!

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