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Fatal Error on install
Tried installing DSL2024 March version from a CD on a Toshiba Satellite L305 with 2GB RAM and 2GHz CPU. Failed twice with the same Fatal Error below. Same DSL2024 CD installed fine on an old HP7955 desktop so I think the CD is fine. Same laptop HDD already has Zorin 16, Zorin 15 and Windows 10 working fine.

"Fatal Error

Could not find file antiX/linuxfs

Searched devices: /dev/sdb  /dev/sr0

Searched types: usb, cd

Please contact Bitjam at DSL forums"

Any ideas on how to get around this other than wiping the HDD and trying again?

Thanks in advance!
If this doesn't spark something, I think (??) Bitjam was/is an Antix guy so might be worth an inquiry there.

Also check this post:
Give me some time and I'll add back in UEFI support to the lower compression lz4 iso.

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