War, public complacency and Katrina

You all witnessed how long it took for the National Guard to get into New Orleans in large numbers. The National Guard takes time to muster as people are diverted from their daily lives and then organized -- it makes sense that they would take days to respond. You can argue that they should have been pre-deployed. I live in California, and I would hope that we'd have a standing force of National Guard ready if we had pre-warning of a magnitude 7.8 earthquake coming. Yet, there is no doubt that active military can move faster than National Guard simply because they are already actively deployed.

His Hepatitis C

A very good friend of mine recently found out that his liver is shot and that he has been living with Hepatitis C for twenty years.

I'll let his bolg ( ) speak for itself. Yet, I'll just add that he is a completely self-made man who has spent the greater part of the last 15 years building an economic and emotional foundation for his family.

He is also a DSL user and has financially helped the Damn Small Linux project with an interest free loan. An act that is very typical of his nature.


So I read somewhere that the Ford Model T got 25 mpg, and that today's average fuel economy is only 21 mpg. Nearly 100 years have gone by and we are doing worse than we were.

With that in mind, I thought I'd post some interesting links:
250 mpg hacked hybrid
How to make your own Biodiesel

I don't have the time to make my own Biodiesel, and there's no way I'd fork down the cash for one of the new hybrids, but I am seriously considering getting me a used subcompact to log the miles on.

Is that a cluster in your pocket?

We are finally in the age of inexpensive embedded hardware. Any geek with
a few hundred dollars to spend can start hacking embedded applications on a

One low cost system that has been getting a lot of attention recently is
the Gumstix ultra tiny computer.
Check out the screen shot of the cluster which could fit inside your

Being as deeply involved in DSL I am sticking to x86 hardware, and
embedded x86 systems are finally getting affordable. Nano-itx should bring out all kinds of cool innovations. We still need an affordable PC104 platform for the masses.


How can I disable gui interface and use only text mode, I need access my server from DSL in telnet.

Install 2 USB

I need 2 no what happens when u install DSL 2 a usb pendrive? does it only boot DSL when the pendirve is plugged in and if the pendrive isn't plugged in, will the computer just boot windows????

How do I add/remove icons from the desktop on a HD installed DSL

I've installed DSL on the HDD, now I need to customise the desktop.
The target PC's will be basically jjust thin clients, so will only require access to RDesktop, so I want to remove all the other icons and add one to launch RDesktop, but can't work out how to do it.......any ideas??


How to Install DSL to a MS-VPC Virtual Hard Disk

How to Install DSL to a MS-VPC Virtual Hard Drive
by Chris Flamig

Many MS-Windows users are using the MS-VPC application in order to better get aquainted with Linux, before fully committing a full native hard drive install. This is good because it gives more exposure to the Window's community of the possibilities of Linux becoming not only an alternative OS, but their main OS.

The following assumes that you are booted into a native Windows 2000 environment and want to install DSL as a virtual hard drive OS under Microsoft VPC.

How do I update if I have a frugal install ?

I just sucessfully completed my first frugal installation and would sure like to know the steps required to upgrade when a new upgrade comes out ? I read something about replacing the single big compressed file called/knoppix, Is that all there is to it ? How do I replace /knoppix ?
I have been downloading the newest .iso's and doing dsl-hdinstall but now I am frugal and don't want to mess it up DSL looks like a very good O.S. especially because it has kept my old boat anchors going great.

Updating the custom kernel AFTER DSL HD install

Can't seem to find another appropriate place or this question so I appologize if it is the wrong forum.

After I do DSL HD install, it boots up GREAT! No issue there. But I want to update to a custom 2.6 kernel...

So I install a second HD, boot Knoppix and compile a new kernel modules etc. Now I have "bzImage2.6" and "" modules..

I copied the files over to the HD where the DSL installation is (hda1) and modify /dev/hda1 -> /etc/lilo.conf to point to bzImage2.6 and rerun lilo.

It hangs after lilo.

What did I do wrong and can someone point me to some doc of how to update the kernel for DSL after HD-DSL installation..

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