Laptop wireless cards?

I was wondering if this Belkin wireless card works on DSL, the link to it is thanks for the help, and what cards would you recomend getting, out of all of the wireless cards?

What to do after the install... part 5... "fix it till it breaks"

Well.... DSL 1.3 is out. Congratulations to everyone involved, it looks like it took a lot of work. Thanks to everyone for all the hours that must be spent to keep DSL going.

I've downloaded it and have run it from LiveCD several times. I probably will not upgrade my 1.2 frugal install right away. There isn't a lot in the new release that I "must have". I think I'll wait a couple weeks and see if there's a 1.3.1 update. I've got several DSL boxes running and they range from DSL 8.something up to DSL 1.2.0 I've started doing Frugal installs because I've heard it's so easy to upgrade. There are plenty of entries in the forums about how to upgrade. Here's a good start

Linux Multi-boot CD attempt - How do I change all refs to the file "KNOPPIX" to "KNOPPIY"

Hi, I am Attempting to create a multiboot CD with a few different Linux OS's on it, for an emergency kit... Many of them have KNOPPIX folder with, boot.img, KNOPPIX (no extension), how do I edit DSL so the KNOPPIX folder will work as KNOPPI1 so it would allow for more than one knoppix based OS on the CD, ive tried HexEditing boot.img, and renamed KNOPPIX to KNOPPI1 on all of those strings, and renamed the KNOPPIX file in KNOPPI1 to KNOPPI1, but nothing seems to work, it can't find the KNOPPIX filesystem :( Does anyone know how i could get this to work? i use MagicISO to apply the boo

What to do after the install... part 4... You can't have too many boat anchors

Return of the Rant...

This is just a list of things I've done to my DSL frugal install since I've loaded it. I'm far from being an expert so take all that I say with a grain of salt (that's an odd expression. I wonder where it comes from.... I see a Google search in my future....)

Go to The Forums and/or Search for answers to your questions.

Call me Ishmael.

15) One thing I enjoy using my DSL machine for is a music server. There's a great app (or maybe it's just a set of scripts) in the MyDSL...NET section called Edna. Go download it. While you're at it grab Python from the MyDSL...UCI section. You need Python to run Edna. I'm downloading them both into my /opt directory so they will load at boot up. After you download Edna, open emelFM. Check to see if you have a /ramdisk/usr/share/edna directory. If you don't then navigate to where you downloaded Edna and highlight the Edna file. Then click on emelFM's MyDSL button. That should create the /usr/share/edna directory. Go there now.

What to do after the install... part 3... maybe I can use it as a nightlight...

Well... you get what you pay for...
More of one fans personal log. Remember, go to The Forums and Search for answers to your questions.
Today we do the Samba and other foolish things.

11) I bring down some files using myDSL:
and some desktop themes

I put the three .dsl files in the /opt directory so they load at boot time. The themes are automatically put in /home/dsl/.fluxbox/styles so I don't have to worry about them since my /home file is on the hard drive. Right click the desktop and select DESKTOP... STYLES to see and select different desktop themes.

What to do after the install... part 2.. so, your computer still boots...

A continuation of my journal on changes I've made after doing a frugal install of DSL 1.2.0

Once again I'd suggest you read through or search The Fourms to find answers to your problems. What I'm writing here is just my log. I've been known to be wrong.... often.

Some additional things I've modified to my Frugal DSL install.

6) I'd like to save some of these changes so they're still around next time I boot or my hard drive hiccups. So far I've added the following entries to /home/dsl/filetool.lst


What to do after the install... One fans journey

I've decided to start posting a log of some of the modifications I make after doing a frugal install of DSL.

My hopes are that this will help new users to get started or others avoid my mistakes.

Remember, what I post here is just my attempt to get things working. I could be totally wrong. Search the Forums at this website to get real help.

Here we go... It was the best of times, it was the worst of times...

I've decided to use an old computer for this install of DSL. It's DSL version 1.2.0 The machine is a pieced together Pentium I - 133mhz with about 80megs of ram.

How Do I find OLD posts ?

I asked a question 2 weeks ago but was too busy to look and see if anyone had answered until now
cannot find any evidence I ever asked anything.

What am I missing ?

Old Hardware - New Hobby

As an exercise in frustration I've been trying to resurect an old Compaq Armada 7790. I was running RedHat 7.3.(not all that well)
Found DSL from an article by someone who was doing the same thing. Once I installed it to hard drive I was hooked. This is the lightest and fastest OS I've used since I played with Oberon back in the day. It has made this Compaq usable again. I have even been playing with it on my big box. (AMD 2800 w/ 1 gig of ram. You should try that. It smokes!)
Back to the Compaq. The WavLan works flawlessly. I would like to get my other wireless card (an SMC) working. Not really having alot of luck with that but I'll keep trying.

Ebox II - can boot DSL

I bought a couple of Ebox IIs to see how they would boot DSL. They run on a Vortex86 200MHz All-in-One Single Board Computer with 128MB onboard DRAM.

I was really impressed with how small these things were, and they were able to boot DSL from either USB or from IDE. Really, it was a marvel to have DSL run on such tiny hardware.

Unfortunately, X and all the gui apps ran a little too slow for practical use, but I can see such a unit having all sorts of nifty local server applications.

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