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Windowless house.

Our house is now a Windowless house. I have finally (a long time coming) been able to rid our house of Windoz. Ah, what a feeling. I use DSL for the most part, PClinuxOS, and an older box for whatever strikes me at the moment. It is a nice thing not to have McGates popping up with blue screens, virus and spyware problems, etc. I do not miss it.

Confession of n00b.

My last entry explained my desire to be an eternal n00b Well,I have recently discovered that, yes, I am still a n00b, but I am also becoming increasingly aware of the ability of myself and other n00b's to ignore the documentation:
and the usefullness of searching the wealth of knowledge contained in the DSL forums:;CODE=00;f=1

I think I have figured out why more people do not read the information that springs to life when they boot their newly minted LiveCD. As I am sure everyone has noticed, a window opens itself and is put on display as DSL readies itself to be used and abused. I have seen numerous posts about "how do I disable that annoying pop up when DSL starts x?" Well, there is some really good info in there for the n00b. Read it. Not just once. Do not be so quick to disable it unless you have read the entire contents and understand it.

Vowing to always be a newb.

Take this with a grain of salt, whomever you are if you read this.
For the record, NO, I am not offended by the posts regarding 'newbs,' 'noob's,' or whatever. Yes, I consider myself a newb. Anyone on the irc channel knows that. I have given myself the role "constant newb" to keep the old timers on their toes. As I've stated elsewhere, I think that some of the folks who've 'been around a while' reallly do not have a clue what it's like to be a run of the mill newb. Those who excell at things Linux quickly lose the newb feeling and become old hat at scripting and remastering, etc. What I think is missing are those that don't warm up to this Linux thing as quickly as the old timers do/did.

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