Confession of n00b.

My last entry explained my desire to be an eternal n00b Well,I have recently discovered that, yes, I am still a n00b, but I am also becoming increasingly aware of the ability of myself and other n00b's to ignore the documentation:
and the usefullness of searching the wealth of knowledge contained in the DSL forums:;CODE=00;f=1

I think I have figured out why more people do not read the information that springs to life when they boot their newly minted LiveCD. As I am sure everyone has noticed, a window opens itself and is put on display as DSL readies itself to be used and abused. I have seen numerous posts about "how do I disable that annoying pop up when DSL starts x?" Well, there is some really good info in there for the n00b. Read it. Not just once. Do not be so quick to disable it unless you have read the entire contents and understand it.

Now, for the reason people discard this goldmine of information that shows itself to them without request. It's McGates fault. Not directly his fault, he did not ask for this, but indirectly.... it is McGates fault. We (ex and current Windozs users) have been inundated with "pop-ups" of useless and unwanted advertisements and information. My suspicions are that "we" have been trained that whenever we see something "pop-up" without our express consent, it must be advertisement or something we do not want to see.
This is not the case in regards to this usefull Dillo document that appears before your eyes when DSL finishes doing what it must do to provide you with a very well thought out and workable environment.

Read the neat little "pop-up"
Read the documentation
Read and search the forums
Visit the irc channel

A small amount of initiative on your part will certainly provide you with a better DSL experience. I have learned this the hard way, so take it from a one n00b to another, "gettir done."

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tronik @ #damnsmalllinux

Hey I read that popup over an

Hey I read that popup over and over the first few times. And once I had gotten all the information I could out of it. I simply commented the line of code in .xintrc out. It's not that I don't read documentation. It's more like I have a habit of actually overlooking some parts while reading and only when I go back do I realise what I've done. Meh, that's my flaw and I acknowledge it. So I might do things an odd way that might be inefficient, but hey it's all good.