Windowless house.

Our house is now a Windowless house. I have finally (a long time coming) been able to rid our house of Windoz. Ah, what a feeling. I use DSL for the most part, PClinuxOS, and an older box for whatever strikes me at the moment. It is a nice thing not to have McGates popping up with blue screens, virus and spyware problems, etc. I do not miss it.

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hey, i know exactly what you mean. i've been using linux for about a year now. the other night i was helping out on my friend's computer running xp... it was completely assinine to deal with some really silly mishaps that required reboot.
anyway, Congrads! It feels great to be in the light.

way to go!

I have been using Linux for several years and over time have convinced all of my family of the virtues of Linux too. A few months ago, I started a new job and was telling my family about my new office. I bragged about how big it was but added that it didn't have any windows. My 7 year old daughter piped up, "You mean they just use Linux?" I was so proud.

Computers today are built smaller and faster than ever before. Why does the OS need to be bigger and slower than ever before? That is why I love DSL so much. Small and Fast, lets show off what that hardware is capable of.

I'm taking it a step further

I am the IT manager of a reasonably-sized construction/manufacturing company. We are halfway through our Linux migration. We currently have to run a mixed-house because of some legacy accounting software but once I get the bugs out of some middleware I'm working on, the 2k servers are out too.

40% of desktops, 80% of file storage, 100% backup all run on linux. Add the RedHat web and mail servers and brother Bill's not so well represented.

Downtime has dropped. No such thing as spyware, or viruses. And contrary to what M$oft want's you to think, hardware and software costs have dropped to near zip!