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ordered a mac laptop.

ordered a powerbook g4...

can anyone say emulation? =)


my two favourite things, bsd, portable computing...

with the ability to work on DSL ;)

i bought Adam Bregenzer's Zaurus.

i bought Adam Bregenzer's Zaurus for a wireless linux terminal, and now im going to sell it @ cost to someone else...because I don't have time to use it. And I thought I would...its an amazing little device. I feel so crappy for letting it go, but it needs to be done. This Army stuff is definitely keeping me busier than I expected with my life and, I just need to get rid of it...

Why do i not always seek to make a profit? :( sometimes it saddens me because occasionally I have money problems...well more often than not....

so im in this ultra-secretive security research group...well its not really ultra secretive, but it is a security research group, and its all well and good...and I'll be utilizing DSL a lot. probably....

My DSL Wishlist...

Hello DSL..izens...ians...Users...none the less. ;)

I have been offline for the majority of the past several days taking a much needed break from the whimsical world of...well, the world...I've missed our community and whatnot, so I felt I needed to come back and post regarding my reflective time, at least on DSL.

I realize that we've had several releases in the past and that is wonderful...However much ground *I* feel we have gained, I am always asked by people who use DSL locally (Atlanta) what we are doing to improve DSL and make it better for users...I hear things like "wow, 1.0 really looks cool but, I still can't use it on my machine"...why... No serial ATA Support. So I now that I am back it is my goal to facilitate an easier way of upgrading the kernel in for everyone ;p and still maintain a 50mb limit in DSL...since I have that kind of time right now.

personal entry.

newbies make baby jesus cry.

and the goodness. i rewrote the entire remastering documentation today and this STUPID f#$cking drupal really pissed me off by, you guessed it, being cumbersome...having to 'preview' posts before you submit, and then not thinking because you usually expect submit to mean submit...and looking in another terminal and leaving the browser because well, you have better things to do.

Fractured "Marketshare"

There's a reason this post doesn't allow comments, I dont want to start an OS flamewar.

Well, as many of you know I haven't used linux in an official capacity since circa 1996. Well NOW ITS 2005! And Since I broke up with my girlfriend in early December '04, I've been puttering around with DSL since, well, I dont have steady sex anymore, and the girls I'm dating I'm not really interested in getting too serious with...which leaves me lots of time to get to know my puppy, and DSL better! So one thing I've noticed, is that while 5 months ago you wouldn't have caught me alive (or dead, for obvious reasons) running linux, i really enjoy working with/hacking/drinking with DSL. I can't seem to grasp any of the other mainstream non-livecd versions though...but thats nay what this post is about anyway...


There was a newbie in channel that wanted to know how to get ALSA to load on boot for DSL via LILO, and I tried to get him to find it on his own...but he wouldn't/didn't and was pissed off because I said I could help him...but then I forgot about him! I remember JP saying 'thats evil, tronik' when I told him I would help him...Anyway...This ones for you, newbie.

edit /etc/lilo.conf and added these options to append for your dsl boot.

append=" alsa -and anything else you want to be passed at bootup- "

Don't forget to rerun lilo -v to reload it and reboot!

if you can't find this, the

DSLInfo! Artificial Intelligence...or just plain...dumb.

Hi! DSLInfo is an infobot on our IRC channel #damnsmalllinux (

The greatest enjoyment i've gotten lately comes from people who use DSLinfo...Why, you ask?

For starters, n00bs come into the channel and ask a question, and DSLinfo responds...Then they start talking to him like he's a real person...Thats not bad...but it is funny!

DSLinfo, still there?

Of course he didn't know ;\ but now he does! and knowing is half the battle!

In any case, if you want to help, you can program him too...If you logon to our IRC channel and say 'something is xyz' and someone asks 'something?' or 'what is something?' or 'dslinfo, something?' DSLinfo will reply with what you told him it is...that, sometimes, can be more helpful than a human, when a human isn't around. ;)

DSL IRC Channel

Lately the DSL IRC channel ( #damnsmalllinux) has been slammed with new users, newbies, n00bs, n00bies, whatever...Thats great. Its great to know there is a huge interest, and people who want to get involved, get into linux, etc... I know SU already posted about this kind of thing once, but if any of you guys happen to find your way here, awesome.

For the record, It is always a good idea to utilize the 'dmesg' command to discover what your kernel wants to talk to you about!!! If you're having trouble identifying a device, try dmesg. If you aren't sure if your HD is being detected, try 'dmesg'. If you want to know what kind of soundcard you have or what speed your CD writer is, try dmesg. Dmesg is the kernel message buffer and anything the kernel has to say to you will most likely be in there! you can page it by piping it with 'more' or 'less'. 'dmesg|more'


I've been running DSL on my Winbook XL (P233 MMX 32 ram, 2 gig HD, netgear ma111 usb key (wireless)) for a while now...before going wireless G with our new access point...But anyway...i've never been able to get X to work with my mouse. Its sooo annoying. I'm just venting of course. I'm a console lackie by nature, but I do a lot of things with VNC ( if you're interested) and it helps simplify things a good bit. Keeps all of my email centralized by connecting to the Xvnc server and using thunderbird...etc... And it has java applet for web based access from anywhere...So thats helpful. Or you can use the VNC client...anyway...

Spam Problems.

If anyone noticed any strange or oddly formed replies/comments to their posts please let either myself or SaidinUnleashed know! I recently noticed several comments which seemed to have been produced by an automated spambot just spidering the website and adding the comments/replies. Certainly do not click on anything in the bogus comments as that will just say 'hi this website aknowledges your spam. please give us more.'

examples of spam targeting this website: (see pics)

you can find us online at in #damnsmalllinux

thanks for being a great community! =)

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