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now she wants a quick divorce

You all know that the last 5 years have been tough for us tech types. First we had the dot-bust, then we have the sucking of jobs to South Asia. It has been tough for us US based tech workers...

So, what does she expect? We aren't going to be having good times now are we? Oh well. So, now I need a divorce lawyer too. Well, at least we don't have any kids. Maybe we can file online? That would be quick I guess. I am not sure what we are going to do about the house. Maybe we'll sell it to pay for all the attorney fees? Life can be hell sometimes -- sorry for dumping this on the DS

debt consolidation pains

As you all read, I am seeking a tax lawyer this year because my financial situation is a complicated mess, split ups do that to you...

Anyway, it looks like I am also in need of a debt consolidation loan so that I don't get buried from an avalanche of credit bills. Maybe you could say that all this is the result of some type of mid-life crisis? So wish me luck on my debt help, it isn't like I have bad credit, but believe it or not I am still paying on my student loans. My advice to the young geeks out there; keep your debt low and your finance situation in order at all times. Bad credit

tax attorney here I come

So, tax time is coming and I am yet to get organized. I think I need an IRS tax attorney this yeah. The California tax law is really a mess, too bad Arnold is more hype than actual reform. Why can't there be a flat tax so that we could figure out our own taxes without having to higher a high priced tax lawyer, an accountant and a bunch of other people who profit from our system's inefficiency? We pay income tax, ssi tax, sales tax, and then we get taxed on our ssi when we get it back! Man...

So, wish me luck filing my tax return, like the rest of you I'm going to need it! I've read

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