now she wants a quick divorce

You all know that the last 5 years have been tough for us tech types. First we had the dot-bust, then we have the sucking of jobs to South Asia. It has been tough for us US based tech workers...

So, what does she expect? We aren't going to be having good times now are we? Oh well. So, now I need a divorce lawyer too. Well, at least we don't have any kids. Maybe we can file online? That would be quick I guess. I am not sure what we are going to do about the house. Maybe we'll sell it to pay for all the attorney fees? Life can be hell sometimes -- sorry for dumping this on the DSL community, but the anonymity helps

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sorry to hear doesn't sound like you're too happy about it. thats always the bad thing. sometimes these things are mutual...i dont know about your case. i realize that i'm not married...but my parents are divorced. and you're least you don't have any kids.

my take on life, and so far how things seem to have worked for me, is that everything will work out OK in the end if you do the right thing, whatever your heart tells you to do in the situation you've been handed.

im not trying to offer advice..just commenting. good luck.

Find a mediator

If you are still communicating with your spouse I would recommend finding a qualified mediator rather than finding lawyers. A mediator can be a single lawyer that you both agree upon that will be able to talk you through your seperation, division of assets/debts, and also provide legal advice to both of you. This will be much cheaper and easier for both of you as they can focus on whats best for you both rather than fighting for every inch.

You could even let your spouse choose the firm/mediator - lawyers are normally a straight up bunch if the bill is being paid by both of you. Just make sure thats its a reputable firm and that it would be a joint agreement/bill.