tax attorney here I come

So, tax time is coming and I am yet to get organized. I think I need an IRS tax attorney this yeah. The California tax law is really a mess, too bad Arnold is more hype than actual reform. Why can't there be a flat tax so that we could figure out our own taxes without having to higher a high priced tax lawyer, an accountant and a bunch of other people who profit from our system's inefficiency? We pay income tax, ssi tax, sales tax, and then we get taxed on our ssi when we get it back! Man...

So, wish me luck filing my tax return, like the rest of you I'm going to need it! I've read that the IRS will audit 1,800 web firms this year.

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I only wish I had to pay taxes.

I'm so po' my tax refund is nearly half my annual income. We can't wait to get our W2s around here. In fact, January first I asked my boss to get a move on so I could get that refund. We just had a son on December twenty-fourth so the EIC is gonna hook a brother up this year.

I just finished my taxes online yesterday, and guess what? I was thankfull I still have at least one dual boot machine.

"Site requires Micrsoft Internet Explorer to continue"

I thought Mozilla/Firefox squashed this problem already?