Cool Things

DSL menition on the IBM site
Short upbeat review of DSL

Web-based word processor

My latest creation
taking the lunchbox a stepfurther

FireFox Wallpapers

Damn Small Linux Boombox
...and it's wireless !!

EPIA N10000 Nano-ITX board
VIA's 1GHz EPIA N10000 Nano-ITX board

For the M$ users

TUX Magazine
Free Linux Magazine in PDF format

DSL digital picture frame
DSL digital picture frame

Notebook battery as UPS
Need help with this idea!!

Check out my Lunchbox project
mini-itx in a mini-lunch box

DSL vs. 250 MB WinXP
comparing two totally different systems


Linux powered handheld multimedia device

New Christmas Item
Screw the XBOX 360

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