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Asus Eee PC 1001PX starts X only in safe video mode; Ventoy works
Hi! It has been a long time, DSL. :-)

I have just tried the current alpha (MD5 c9941fab32e9a6d1962a8119b85a8e85) on my old netbook, an Asus Eee PC 1001PX. It's a model from 2010. It has an x86-64 CPU, 1 GiB of RAM, Intel GMA 3150, and a 1024×600 screen. I have recently installed Debian 12 on it (64-bit), where everything seems to work.

The test went like this. I booted off the USB drive and chose to boot the DSL ISO in Ventoy's normal mode. In DSL's boot menu I also chose the default option. When the system got to graphics, it became stuck in a loop restarting Xorg. Xorg started, stopped with a fatal server error (see the attached log), then started again. I rebooted DSL in safe video mode, and Xorg worked.

Here is a screenshot. 800×600 was the only resolution available in ARandR.

[Image: dsl-2024.alpha-800x600.1706911590.png]

I connected to Wi-Fi without issue and was able to use a USB keyboard and the built-in SD card reader. It seemed like everything but video worked normally. A pretty good start.

I have attached my Xorg.0.log from when DSL got stuck in an Xorg restart loop. (I like that this forum runs MyBB instead of phpBB or SMF.)

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Asus Eee PC 1001PX starts X only in safe video mode; Ventoy works - by dbohdan - 02-02-2024, 10:59 PM

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