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Preguntas en español - no puedo usar el mouse
Buen día

Antes que nada agradezco a los creadores de DMS por este foro e incluir el idioma español dentro de la distribución.

Tengo una pregunta: intenté instalar la distro pero... no me reconoce el mouse (ya probé con tres diferentes) ni el touch pad de mi laptop. Es imposible hacer algo, no puedo abrir menús, ni siquiera con combinaciones de teclas. 

¿A alguien más le ha pasado? de ser así, ¿cómo lo solucionaron?

Mi equipo de pruebas es una Acer Aspire One ZG5, con 2 gb en ram y procesador Atom.

por favor, publique en inglés

"Good morning

First of all I thank the creators of DMS for this forum and including the Spanish language within the distribution.

I have a question: I tried to install the distro but...... the mouse doesn't recognize me (I've already tried three different ones) or the touch pad on my laptop. It's impossible to do anything, I can't open menus, not even with key combinations.

Has this happened to anyone else? if so, how did they solve it?

My test rig is an Acer Aspire One ZG5, with 2 gb ram and Atom processor.

Just tested booting DSL-2024 on my Acer Aspire One (also a ZG5) with just 1 GB ram, did not
have any problem using the built-in touch pad or buttons (other than them being small and fiddly).

My system doesn't have a hard drive/ssd in it currently so I couldn't try installing.

- DSL 2024, rc4
- burned CD (using a USB attached disc drive)

Were you able to boot into the live environment? Did you have the same problems there?

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