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Webcam and Fingerprint Device.
I can see in the VMWare bar that my webcam, a Realtech Integrated_Webcam HD, and the fingerprint device, a Shenzhen Goodix Fingerprint Device, are detected. Can those devices be enabled or are they just detected by the virtualization software(VMWare)?

// meo
I have done zero testing of either webcams or fingerprint software. I'll put that on the to-do list. If you (or anybody else) gets them working please post here.
I tried to enable the webcam on antix 23 but I just got an error message, "driver error". So the driver isn't enabled as default on antix 23 either. Tried to run antix from an usb but I just got the welcome screen with boot options. Trying to boot just failed so I couldn't investigate further. Antix 23 runs very well on VMWare though.

// meo

PS Regarding the fingerprint device I don't care about that but the webcam would come in handy since I regularly participate in video conferances through Zoom DS

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