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update upgrade
I have installed DSL on a 64Gb USB on SONY VAIO VGN SR290J purchased on the Year 2010.  
DSL is working fine and fast enough.
Initial boot time is quite high even upto 10 Min.

I have a issue only after upgrade. The GUI termianl is missing after upgrade.

I had to re install DSL just to retain my terminal in GUI mode.

man command is available for limited (but useful) commands.

info command is missing, but not much of an issue on ALPHA mode of the OS

Did anyone else faced any similar issue, afer update / upgrade

Any response is appreciated
Thanks for the feedback!

Check out this post:

I haven't addressed this issue yet, but I am planning on looking at it very soon.

Presumably, holding back on desktop-defaults-antix would be a good place to start as it looks to be the one that is overwriting the custom files I am using.
I made a sticky post about this topic with a fix:

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