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Install on a ChromeBook?
Has anyone tried to install this on a ChromeBook? They are cheap and the specs should be plenty powerful enough.... Just something I've tossed around. Never tried it so not sure if it is possible.
It depends on the processor in your ChromeBook, a lot of them have ARM processors which aren't compatible.
I have installed AntiX on a Chromebook, and it runs very well. DSL is based on AntiX. I do need to have an external keyboard installed through USB though, since Linux doesn't normally have keymaps corresponding to the odd Chromebook layouts. I used to run "GalliumOS" on my Chromebook, but that is dormant now, so I removed it. It had the proper keymaps for Chromebooks. I actually like having an external keyboard anyway. I have run DSL, so far, only in VirtualBox, to try it out.

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