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Installing does not update menus
[Environment: VirtualBox 7 on Win10 host]

So I installed both Synaptic and Idle (Tkinter IDE for python) via apt and did not see any kind of menu entry for either. Is this something I must add for myself with Openbox/JWM? If so, where/which config files? TIA
Yeah, I was finding the auto menu creation a little buggy so I made a custom menu. The files should all be there though. Check out:

If you want to switch over you just need to edit "menu" and replace the line with "menu-applications-dsl" to "menu-applications". After that, just restart the window manager.

Alternatively, you could add entries to the "-dsl" menu and keep the setup as is. I have noticed that Debian based menu systems often are a little fussy with Fluxbox.

Thanks! I'll try that out!  Big Grin

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