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Why DSL 2024?
I've always been an admirer of DSL and John and the folks who have done such a great job with the product over the years.

But with DSL 2024, I think I need to understand better -- why would someone use DSL 2024, versus alternatives like antiX or Puppy?

If it's a matter of distro size and computer resources, antiX and Puppy both run very comfortably on early dual-core computers (those made circa 2005-7). 

I'm not sure I see a niche for another distro that "runs on old computers" unless DSL 2024 targets single core processors.

Or are there other features or benefits that will distinguish DSL 2024?

Thank you for your responses.
The "Why?" is covered pretty extensively on the home page and in the FAQ on the iso.
Thank you for your reply.

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