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Topic: NOTICE!! New GTK2-0705.dsl file replaces gtk2.dsl, Updated apps will follow to match'< Next Oldest | Next Newest >
ke4nt1 Offline

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Joined: Oct. 2003
Posted: July 19 2005,05:54 QUOTE

Hey folks, more new apps !!

The gtk2.dsl has *finally* been upgraded !
The new file is now called gtk2-0705.dsl

I have posted all the updated apps that work with this new
gtk master file in the 'testing' area, along with the gtk2-0705.dsl


Use it the same way as before..
1. Use myDSL to install gtk2-0705.dsl
2. Run from menu, "Update to GTK2"
3. Read .info file about requirements for app you intend to install
4. Add additional gtk2 app thru myDSL as desired.

I always recommend to have gnu-utils.dsl  installed when using gtk2 apps.
I have the dsl-dpkg.dsl , along with the gnu-utils.dsl, loading at boottime.

If I receive little in the way of negative feedback here soon,
I'll migrate these out of 'testing', and into the gtk2 area quickly.

Here's the scoop...
I was able to update a whole slew of libs, to keep up with
needed changes to some of the more popular apps, like gaim, etc..
I also upgraded perl to 5.8.7 ..  and added many more new files,
while keeping the filesize about the same as before. ( 14MB's)

But the BIG difference in the apps is the new upgrades,
the resized icons for DSL-1.3.1, and the smaller app sizes !
( In Preparation for LinuxWorld Expo in August! )

Expect many more app upgrades on these items..
Much easier to do with updated libs without collisions..

Check out these numbers !!
( * indicates NEW versions )

abiword-2.0.10       11.40MB
*abiword-2.2.7          8.16MB

airsnort-0.2.6         47.48KB
*airsnort-0.2.7      103.53KB
( requires extra libpcap-0.8 )

emelfm2-1.12        441.75KB
emelfm2-1.12        418.69KB

*gaim-1.3.1             22.10MB
*gaim-1.3.1               5.61MB

gFTP-2.0.17             1005KB
gFTP-2.0.17          873.33KB

gimp-2.2.0             26.11MB
*gimp-2.2.8            12.85MB

gkrellM-2.2.2             631KB
gkrellM-2.2.2             629KB

gscore.dsl                 1.70MB
gscore-0.79           473.11KB

gtk2.dsl                  13.62MB
*gtk2-0705.dsl       14.01MB

inkscape-0.39           4.23MB
inkscape-0.39           3.83MB

moz-tbird-0.8.3      13.73MB
*moz-tbird-1.0.2     11.03MB

nvu-0.50                 31.72MB (error in building extension)
nvu-0.50                 10.99MB

pan-0.14.2               3.97MB
pan-0.14.2               2.54MB

pure-ftpd-1.0.19  226.21KB
pure-ftpd-1.0.19    89.34KB

qtparted-0.4.4        3.55MB
qtparted-0.4.4        3.33MB

tuxcmd-0.5.39         354KB
tuxcmd-0.5.39         347KB

xchat-2.4.1             4.24MB
*xchat-2.4.3            3.95MB

Old gtk2 apps w/gtk2.dsl                       139.075MB
New gtk2 apps w/gtk2-0705.dsl             79.234MB

Also added

Once I squeeze in the libbonono-ui set, and some gnome libs,
I think we'll be able to have many of the other extensions in gtk2 form.
( many gnome apps, gnumeric, etc.. )

Now, back to other extensions already contributed by the userbase..
I have about a dozen to be released shortly..

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adssse Offline

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Posts: 505
Joined: Mar. 2005
Posted: July 19 2005,13:43 QUOTE

Thats awesome. Thanks for all your hard work ke4nt1.
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ke4nt1 Offline

Group: Members
Posts: 2329
Joined: Oct. 2003
Posted: July 19 2005,17:43 QUOTE

I was scanning thru the 'unstable' debian repository,
and most of these apps seem to be at, or a version behind,
the latest ones available thru apt.

This is a great time to add some more extensions,
while the libs in gtk2-0705 are current.

Make a list of the contents of gtk2-0705.dsl

type in a root shell from your gtk2-0705.dsl location
"  tar -ztf gtk2-0705.dsl > list  "

Use this list to whittle down the filesizes of any new apps you build.

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cbagger01 Offline

Group: Members
Posts: 4264
Joined: Oct. 2003
Posted: July 19 2005,19:17 QUOTE


Great job, as usual!

This must have been a major undertaking.  I, for one appreciate all of the hard under-the-hood work that you do to keep things humming and improve at the same time.
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damianiw Offline

Group: Members
Posts: 52
Joined: April 2005
Posted: July 19 2005,22:16 QUOTE

wow !

thanks, one query if I specify the gtk2 update to run at start on a frugal install or hd install for that matter, can I script it to run the update off of the mydsl menu automatically (does that make sense)

thanks for your other post which made me realise where I was going wrong with Firefox 1.4
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Quick Reply: NOTICE!! New GTK2-0705.dsl file replaces gtk2.dsl

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