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Topic: NOTICE!! New GTK2-0705.dsl file replaces gtk2.dsl, Updated apps will follow to match'< Next Oldest | Next Newest >
Josh Goebel

Posted: Aug. 27 2005,17:45 QUOTE


What is the correct/best process for someone wanting to build additional software and link against these libraries?

Did you originall install them from debs, build from source, etc...

Of course since the file is distributable it doesn't have headers and all that good stuff needed to build new apps... and I'm not even sure of all the versions of the individual libraries you have used.

I'm wanting to build a XFCE 4.2 MyDSL.  I'm fully capable of doing it from scratch of letting Debian solve deps, but I specifically want to take advantage of the space saved by you already having one set of libraries.

Can you give me any pointers?

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ke4nt1 Offline

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Posted: Aug. 28 2005,04:00 QUOTE


Grab the gtk2-0705.dsl, and place it in a work directory of your choice ..

Open a root shell, and 'cd' to the chosen directory containing the extension ..

Then , make a list of the contents ..

  tar -ztf gtk2-0705.dsl > list  

Scan thru the list, and get a little familiar with it's contents..
You'll see Perl 5.8.7 , gtk2 , pango, defoma, and a boocoo of libs,
and other files that I've found common to a large number of the gtk2 apps.

You can use this list to compare to whatever you build,
and factor out any matches..

Go ahead and use apt to get the XFCE for you,
but use the -d switch in your apt-get install command to make the
debs download, uninstalled, in your /var/cache/apt/archives directory.

Go there, as root, and work from there, or copy them to another
location/partition where you have ample room to expand them .

You can then use the '  dpkg-deb -x whatever.deb .  ' command to
open only the ones you find that aren't already in the gtk2-0705.dsl package.
No need to open the libc6, perl,  pango, defoma, gtk2, or other debs.

You could start with only the xfce debs, and retar the output into a
package you can loadtest..  Add only what you need until it runs..

That should get you started, anyway..

Hope that helps..

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Josh Goebel

Posted: Aug. 28 2005,15:12 QUOTE

Should I not be worried about version mismatches?  I'm currently pointing apt to stable (sarge) and some of the packages you used are newer (are you using testing, unstable, etc?) than those that apt would install of it's own free will.

Need for concern?
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Quick Reply: NOTICE!! New GTK2-0705.dsl file replaces gtk2.dsl

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