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ke4nt1 Offline

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Posted: Sep. 13 2005,21:07 QUOTE

Allow me to conclude this thread by replying to some of my
quoted statements, and some last thoughts.

This thread has become degenerated, and very
non-productive to any definition of  "user contribution" ..
It's more " debatin' for show, or sport " than being very useful.

TO quote me about my stating that 'solutions are in the works',
and mistaking that for a conflict of words with SU, or a lack
of interest, or thoughts to suppress user-contributions such as
friedgold posted, are very poor explanations of my post.
It was posted with joy, and excitement about things 'yet-to-come" ..

While this thread started with a new user ( posts =1 ),
asking for some info about removing an extension he'd installed,
and was replied to by adssse stating the obvious facts, (nogo)
it then went on to Undertow describing his exploration into
"removal by script", NOT a very good idea for a n00b,
and certainly destructive to his install, should he have actually
executed what was posted...  I jumped in to say "what if" on a
number of examples, to which I got the usual, but pleasant
banter of back-n-forth about the idea..  no problem ..

Some of the posts were edited , or corrected, since that time.

Where it's gone to from there to where it is now has been
nothing but a debate, and over what?   Suspicions about policy?
Attempts to read into others posts whatever inflames you?

Before this recent string of threads began,
about posting and linking unsupported items
in DSL's documentation WiKi's... (the first fuel to fire this mess)
Have any of you felt unwelcome to contribute, or share?
Unhappy with the results of the 0.8, 0.9, 1.x series DSL releases?

I feel this incoming FUD needs to end.
cbagger01's last post spoke volumes..

I will explain one of MY quotes more clearly
to prevent any further confusion over my posts..
Team DSL is working on solutions for these items..   stay tuned.

This is NOT about developing immediate techniques for
removing .dsl's or .tar.gz's from hard drive installs.
SU was correct about that NOT being on the radar..

My comment is about future developments improving the distro,
and making the idea completely unnecessary and obsolete.

This is about the future of DSL and it's packages.

.dsl files have been around since 0.7
.ci since 0.8
.uci's since 1.0

Look at the improvements made to DSL since 0.7 ?
Do you think this development is going to stop?
All this stuff is old, first-generation, and will be abandoned for
better, faster, and smaller developmental progress and new
ways of improving this incredible wave of ram-based,
modular technology we see a huge swell of interest in..
( DSL's focus )

Have you noticed DSL getting 'smaller' ?
( more innovation, less size )
There are already a great number of fine additions
we could add into DSL with all that free space...but..

DSL already has a roadmap for versions 2.x, 3.x, etc..
layed out in plan form, and underway.

DSL 'IS' an open-source distribution, everything in it is open.

But it is NOT an open-development model.
so, this information is not disclosed to the public.
( meaning, I won't discuss it, or disclose it with you.. )

This DOES means you can DO whatever you want with it,
in its current form.

This does NOT mean the developers of the future DSL versions
have any obligation to take into consideration or include any
"user-contributions" into DSL code.  It is only by merit and
benefit to the roadmap that code is allowed into DSL development.

User contributions are always welcomed, and reviewed.
Many items submitted to DSL are currently in the distro..

But using DSL resources, such as the wiki, or documentation,
for "user contributions" and "pimpin your warez", is simply rude,
and bad form.. Get your own bandwidth and server to do this..

Now, links and discussions about scripts, alterations,
remasters, links to your own builds, extensions, whatever,
...the forums is certainly the place to share...

Undertow, I'll address you personally, since your negativity and venom
is now showing up in other, more positive threads. i.e.;st=10
( 15 compliments, and a few questions, easily found in the wiki and docs ?)
( Why trash the thread ? .. SuperLou didn't deserve that.. :(  )

How does this post help YOUR development of creating an uninstaller
for first generation extensions into DSL hard drive installs?

Or, assist yourself or others in getting thru this bottleneck you perceive, and away from the dark side?

I think I'll just sit the rest of this one out, folks..
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undertow Offline

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Joined: Mar. 2005
Posted: Sep. 13 2005,22:46 QUOTE

yep, youre right ke4nt.  that was a mispost, it was aimed somewhere else.  I intended it for another post i was reading, about "STRONGLY DISCOURAGING" people from using HD installs, yet that frugal is so challenging for the averagebeginner to understand (or find documentation for)
as far as this thread goes, I expected a positive response and the possibility of collaboration and instead received multiple people telling me it was a stupid idea and that i was completely misconceiving everything.  That isnt what i expected, and i just got done doing this in the IRC channel (two days making a bot that was _quiet_ and _useful_ for everyone, and it was banned?) and then again in the wiki (making reference to a 'unofficial' .dsl and being told my IP would be banned for it), which were both SaidinUnleashed's doing.  Im simply searching for a way to contribute in a way im capabe of to a project that's given a lot to me, and have yet to find something that is needed/appreciated.
so whatever.  thanks for all the fish.
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ke4nt1 Offline

Group: Members
Posts: 2329
Joined: Oct. 2003
Posted: Sep. 14 2005,02:07 QUOTE

Im simply searching for a way to contribute in a way im capabe of to a project that's given a lot to me,
and have yet to find something that is needed/appreciated.

yet that frugal is so challenging for the averagebeginner to understand
(or find documentation for)

Hmm..  good point..
It differs greatly from the typical install you see on 500 other distros..

I agree..

A less-detail-oriented, more step-by-step guide to using the
different features and methods to operate this new environment
would be very beneficial to visitors and new users..

What areas do you see as the most lacking for new users?

What part have you found most challenging?
Persistancy? Setup? Backup? Pendrive?

A walk-through, of actions like backing up your files to
survive a reboot, would save a lot of folks time and aggravation
from scrolling thru dozens of posts searching for successful procedures.

A step-by-step on how-to keep your downloaded extensions from
disappearing, and where they should placed at boottime,
would be another good topic to cover, that I see frequently asked.

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John Offline

Group: Super Administrators
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Joined: Sep. 2003
Posted: Sep. 15 2005,07:01 QUOTE

All, I am locking down this thread.   The quality thoughts on the topic are already in here.  Letting this go on anymore will be like watching a dog chase its tail.

Undertow, please stick to one nick.
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