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dvdljns Offline

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Posted: Mar. 03 2006,22:16 QUOTE

no! Thats not the idea. I need rtl8180 working on my comp. I cannot get the files to compile. None of the the compiled files I downloaded will run on kernal. I had to post it as a project on guru pay someone 75 bucks to get it compiled. The one thing I did state is it had to be submitted to the dsl website. And who knows if the guy can really compile it right. If I have to do this till I learn how to do it myself? why not you. I am not sugesting you make people pay for stuff added to dsl, but lets face it sending me to a set of links that does not help me understand my problam which is what happened on the forums does not get my problam solved. I am reading and will learn, I also will buy the dsl book listed on your website. But need dsl to use my rtl8180L now. So that means a programer that does not use dsl is making money because I want to use the distro. Why should you get insulted because I would prefer to keep the money I am already spending going to the place that will help dsl and me the most. If my wireless card is not working by monday I have no choice but to reload windows. I have used windows since 0.97 I have every version windows since that one. But I really want to get away from windows but linux users make it so hard to learn linux I just do not understand linux users. They want you to replace win with linux but expect you to start out understanding how to everything on it. Or send you to help files and howto's aimed at programmers. But you are right dsl is your system you can except my money or force me to give it to someone else but it ISyour choice. I am sorry if I upset you or seemed rude.I just feel I am beating my head against the wall here and thought you could help.
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dvdljns Offline

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Posted: Mar. 03 2006,22:34 QUOTE

My Idea was if someone needed something they could not find and did not know enough to build it themselves they could list it with the dsl website someone could build it and upload it and the money could go to the website as a donation or to the builder or whatever. I just know that I to spend my lunch money for the next two weeks on resolving a prob with dsl and do not even know if it will resolve it.
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roberts Offline

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Posted: Mar. 03 2006,23:05 QUOTE

You know John and I are both the developers of DSL.
We are easily reached at john at or
robert at
Yet, many times John and I hear of someone paying someone else to do something for their DSL copy and that they are not happy with the results. Then they expect John or I to do it for the project, i.e., free.  This has just recently happened. Mostly we never hear about requests or even given first right of refusal. I guess it is just the way it is. I guess my point being, that the developers should be given first consderation, first right of refusal. Then there are others who think they can take our work and make money selling it. I guess money like power corrupts. But to suggest to make a portition of this website for others to make money while the donations to damnsmalllinux are so small seems not right by me.
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dvdljns Offline

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Posted: Mar. 04 2006,00:00 QUOTE

I agree and now that I know that you can be reached and will respond I will do that in the future. Maybe you should add that info as a sticky. Regardless of how plain or obvois you think it should be it is not. Thanks for the info.
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Posted: Mar. 05 2006,22:17 QUOTE

OK Im Also Serious!
I Would Pay The DSL Team If They Would Make Me A Customized DSL Version..! (not for the software.. but for the work ^^)
I Would Pay 25$ + Shipping On CD To Germany(should be 5-7$ or so)...

What I Need Would Be:
A Bootable CD With Install To USB Stick Support.
The Same GUI Like The Old One.. (but not the fluxbox the other one..).
The pppoe And The Networkcard Config Tool (wlan would be also good).
A GUI Based Partitionating Tool.
A Webbrowser (firefox?).
Automatic HW Detection On Boot.
An Easy GUI Based File Manager (plz not emelfm maybe krusader?).
An IRC Client (xsicr?).
Something To Browse Windows Shares In The Network.
A Samba Server To Share Folders To Be Browsable From A Windows PC.
Xmms For Sound ^^.
VLC For Video (dont forget the codecs^^).
Openoffice (Word,Calculation only.. no need for the others)
An wysiwyg HTML Editor.
A Easy FTP Program.
A Normal Text Editor (kate or kwrite).
My Hostname Should Be: Kimiko
My Workgroup Should Be: Arbeitsgruppe
A Burnig Program Would Be Good (k3b?)
Oh And A Graphic Editor Is Needed! (bmp,gif,jpg,png with converting function).
A Antivirus Program To Clean Windumb Systems ^^.
A GUI Based Zip Program for zip,rar,tar,gzip.
A PDF Viewer.
A Instant Messaging Prog Like Kopete Would Be Good.
A GUI Based Bittorrent Client.
And Something For Printing.
And Last But Not Least: My Username Should Be: AmyS3

That Would Be All All...  Should Not Be Bigger Than 250Mb ^^

If 25$ For The Work is Too Less Just Say It...
Just Mail Me If U Take The Job...

With Kind Regards: AmyS3
PS: Im Realy Serious About It!!!
If It Would Fit Attach Something Like Delphi To The Distro (Or Any Other GUI Based c++ Programming Tool).
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