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Topic: i nee help smugling a bible, china still kills people who have bible< Next Oldest | Next Newest >
williamrobinsonb Offline

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Joined: Oct. 2006
Posted: Nov. 02 2006,14:09 QUOTE

Ok time for a lesson
It is not illegal for an American to take a Bible out of the country due to the congress shall make no law forbidding religion clause

1 Yes you can get imprisoned and shot if you are a Chinese citizen for distributing a bible that hasten been edited by and approved by the Chinese government.
They just edit the charge to say you are a smuggler involved in subverting the will of the people a traitor or a rapist. Usually they just call you a rapist and then intimidate some girl into sighing a trumped up affidavit.

2 windows has a bad habit of making copies of anything with text over a certain size and hiding it in a dos file using Meta keys in its path that cannot be seen, windows spies on you
this is why just making imbedded files is a bad idea ,windows makes copies of text wherever it is.

3 Linux dose not make hidden files that unless you boot in dos and know the path you cant delete them like in windows
and dam small Linux doesnt leave a trace at all when the pc is rebooted.
Pull the plug break the disk and you have no evidence against you.
Look im not asking you if it is moral or legal
Im asking for a copy of dam small iso with a Chinese non edited html bible embedded in an encrypted file that you can boot the computer extract the file and read it without leaving a trace on the pc
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humpty Offline

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Posted: Nov. 02 2006,19:23 QUOTE

well then why mention the bible? I would have happily have told
you numerous ways to do it. but letting the cat out the bag is like asking 'how do you make this bomb so i can hide it in your living room?'

you come in here expecting everyone is sympathetic to the bible carriers . gee, "thank god" there's at least one country that doesn't put up with it.
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kerry Offline

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Posted: Nov. 02 2006,22:19 QUOTE

Why do they need a bible? A bible is just a book, your faith is in your heart and all that crap. Thankfully i'm a atheist.

You sure your not one of them, scoping site's to block?
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nickelplated Offline

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Posted: Nov. 03 2006,07:11 QUOTE

Quote (humpty @ Nov. 02 2006,05:13)
what you are suggesting could be illegal. you may not like it but at least respect the laws of other countries.

what if you believe that freedom of information is an inherent right and not a priveledge given by the state? why respect the law if the law doesn't respect you?
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mikshaw Offline

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Posted: Nov. 03 2006,14:56 QUOTE

why respect the law if the law doesn't respect you?

While I've been an advocate of civil disobedience for a number of years, there are limits to its effectiveness and limits to when it's actually appropriate.  If you're in a situation where you may be jailed or killed, you must consider whether or not the action is worth the punishment.  In this age where any information can be obtained through "pipes" ;o) is it really worth the risk physically transporting the information yourself?

Use encrypted email or other coded message to either send the data or an address to where it can be found online.

I still don't think this thread has anything to do with DSL.

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