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Topic: i nee help smugling a bible, china still kills people who have bible< Next Oldest | Next Newest >
nickelplated Offline

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Posted: Nov. 03 2006,18:58 QUOTE

Oh, I agree. I'm just arguing from a purely philosophical standpoint that when a government no longer respects its populace as free individuals with inherent rights, that its laws should no longer be considered valid. In fact I'm pretty sure that a statement very similar to this is in the opening part of the Declaration Of Indepedence.

But yeah, there's no reason why this person would need to bring in a bible. He could easily use the Tor extension to view it anonymously on the net without ever needing to fear chinese reprisal. I try my best to maintain the extension specifically for instances such as this and it works great, no trace of what you were doing is on the HDD after you cut the power.
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williamrobinsonb Offline

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Posted: Nov. 04 2006,17:05 QUOTE

There is no such thing as an anonymous extension on Chinese hosted web provider.
The point is to keep everything off the web using a totally secure OS
That can be copied and distributed.
Even if you dont believe in God you have to admit that Christianity is a religion of freedom and equality while the humanistic religion of communism promotes harsh divisions based on class.
It is realization that "we are all created free and equal and have not evolved unequally", that removes the motivation for war and allows everyone to reach their greatest potential.
Dam small Linux is a powerful information tool, a stable and reliable OS, and could be used to bring the seeds of equality, freedom, and love to a nation that is suppressed economically and religiously.
Christianity threatens the state sponsored religions that do not express equality just like damn small Linux threatens the bondages of using windows or os2. both OSes that have hidden code that watchdogs and monitor you. Just ask law enforcement.
The birth of freedom always begins in secrecy with the powers that be suppressing it because they are afraid of it.
I hate quoting the bible on a website devoted to Linux but As a man's fear is, so is his wrath.
Linux creators and users are belittled and threatened with lawsuits for not conforming to the status quo because they won't surrender their rights and their code. The power of the big OS companies say shame on you for existing or thinking you are relevant. To all that is Linux The GNU is the bible, the law, and the hope of it's freedom.
To the Christian communists in Red China, the bible that they suffer and risk their lives to read and distribute is the hope of freedon and their children's future.
Would you give GNU to Microsoft to edit?
What if you had no choice?
They are in the same situation with the Bible except, their bible did get edited and they cannot say Jesus out loud in there churches or take there children inside them.
Those who believe in GNU's right to exist and Lynux's right to exist should understand the right for a bible to be freely read and distributed without beading neutered by the government.
I didn't realize that this would divert to wild ranting of religious philosophical blather.
I just needed help embedding a mandarin html bible in a Dam Small Linux destro.
Even though it is inappropriate and I had no intention of having this kind of discourse My Chinese Christian friends still need it and would greatly appreciate it. If they get caught distributing the bibles they have they will be persecuted and disgraced and possibly killed.
They are going to continue to distribute the bibles even if we don;t give them a better way of doing it.
I will figure it out somehow.
With or without help
But Dam Small Linux Looks like the best way to get it done and when I do I will post it on the web
This discussions is totally inappropriate for this site and I will no longer respond to comments no matter how self rightious or condescending they may be and I apologize for the extent that my plea for help on this forum has unnecessarily diverted the focus of the forum that was designed solely for the purpose of discussing suggestions related to improving this already great operating system.
Respectfully William
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Winter Knight Offline

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Posted: Nov. 04 2006,21:02 QUOTE

God is good! And now back to the technical stuff.

William, loop-aes is a program that allows you to create an encrypted partition on a hard drive. A loop-aes extension is available in the repository. Here is a link for its instructions:

As for putting an encrypted file on the DSL CD, you need to learn two things. One, how to use aes-pipe to create encrypted files. The other is how to remaster a Knoppix or DSL CD. Here are links for those:

The weakness of putting it on a hard drive is that you need a hard drive. However, you won't be able to distinguish the partition from an unformatted partition (I think that is true. If you use truecrypt instead of loop-aes, however, this is definitely true). If you put it on the DSL CD, you will have a blatant file on the CD. A file that no one can read, and if anyone ever inspects the CD, they will ask questions. If the Chinese government is anything like I've been hearing, they will demand to know the key, and will jail/kill you if you don't provide it.

If you still want to store the file on a CD, there is probably a way to put it into, and later retrieve from, unallocated sectors. I don't really know how to do that though.
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kerry Offline

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Posted: Nov. 05 2006,09:52 QUOTE

Vlva la revolution! Go for it man it's your right.
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Jason W Offline

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Posted: Nov. 24 2006,00:00 QUOTE

William, drop me a line.
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