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humpty Offline

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Posted: May 21 2006,05:36 QUOTE

i suggest adding restore=hda5 on your bootline

this will save/restore the backup file backup.tar.gz to hda5.
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ZoOp Offline

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Posted: May 21 2006,09:20 QUOTE

mikshaw, humpty, thank you so much for your help... and thank you a lot Robert for... the solution! Many many thanks, guys. Again:

1. Robert, it was as simple as you said: when you are in fluxbox, just switch to jwm and then schutdown your machine; dsl backups your setting and at boot, it restores them properly, so that you boot straight to jwm; one told once to me "why do you do things simple when you can do them complicated", well, I did it again...;

2. mikshaw: thanks a lot, it was an elegant solution, but my explanation might be not precise enough; I have DSL 2.3 frugal installed on my laptop on the first partition (hda1) and home, opt, mydsl on the second partition (hda5); in this configuration, I don't have to use the backup/restore utility, because dsl automatically backups my files at shutdown and restores them at boot; that was my problem; when shuting down dsl after being in fluxbox, dsl makes the backup automatically, keeping the settings of the fluxbox desktop in the /.desktop file, because your were there at the last time.

3. and thank you too, humpty, it could be also a possibility, but since I have a frugal configuration with home, opt, and mydsl on hda5 (in my boot line), my files will be restored automatically at boot without adding the 'restore=hda5' cheat code.

As you suggested, mikshaw, I have learned a lot about managing the backup.tar.gz file in DSL. I hope to do it less complicated in the future.

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pr0f3550r Offline

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Posted: May 21 2006,10:16 QUOTE

Quote (mikshaw @ May 20 2006,14:49)
The desktop boot option is a Knoppix feature that was not carried over to DSL.

Strange, it works for me.



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mikshaw Offline

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Posted: May 21 2006,15:16 QUOTE


/me checks .xinitrc....
not there...

/me checks /etc/init.d/dsl-config....
...oooooooh.... :D

/me edits previous post
thanks for the correction, pr0f3550r

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andrewb Offline

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Posted: May 22 2006,07:17 QUOTE

Check to see that you don't have the file backup.tar.gz on hda1 (or 2, 3, or 4). It may be that you ran the backup before & there is an old copy of this file lying on an earlier partition than hda5. If this is the case this other backup file will be used, even though the backup is made to hda5. All you need to do is delete or rename any other instances of backup.tar.gz except the one in the root of hda5.

I think what may be happening is that you have a an old version of backup.tar.gz without the .desktop file in it on hda1/2/3 or 4 & the restore function is finding that. In this situation you will always end up with the default .desktop (& any other files you add to .filetool.lst will also not be restored correctly).

As you say this won't affect your home & opt directories as they are persistent anyway (unless you did back-up some files earlier using backup before you presumably edited .filetool.lst to remove /home & /opt entries - in this case the files will be restored & you will notice problems if you change them as the 'original' will be replaced every time you reboot).
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Quick Reply: I can't boot straight to JWM desktop

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